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Tutorial - 'Beginners Guide to HTML' by skyrider

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A short introduction to the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). For beginners.


Hello, and welcome to my super spiffylicious tutorial on HTML for the newbies!

Now first off, to start your page, at the top you must enter:

<title>Your site title</title>

That will begin your page and give it a title. Now to get started with the main site. To add content to your site, you must first enter <body>. Then you may add whatever you wish inside.
You may also want one of those basic 3 row layouts that you see so often. These are made with what we like to call, Tables. To make a table, type in <table>. You might not want a border around your table, so inside the <table> tag, enter border="0". Now you have: <table border="0">.
Inside tables, you will want to make some rows and columns.
For a row, enter <tr>.
For a column, enter <td>.
Now since you know all of that, its time to put it all together!

<table width="100%" border="0">
<td width="15%">HI I AM THE LEFT ROW :P</td>
<td>This is where your main content should be</td>
<td width="15%">This is your right row</td>

GREAT! You have just made a 3 row table!

Ever wonder how you get bold or italiacs font? Well, it is really quite simple. Check this out: <b>I am bold text</b> <i>I am italiacs text</i>. As you can see, <i> means italiacs, and <b> means bold.

Now you may have multiple pages and want to link to them. Well, dont fear! To add a link, simply type in the following:

<a href="">HI CLICK HERE</a>.

That is how you make links. But you will obviously need to change the to the address the page your wanting to link is located it, and the HI CLICK HERE to whatever you want to link to say.

With everything in this tutorial that I now taught you, you should be able to make an awesome web site!

I hope you learned alot from this tutorial.
Enjoy your new website!