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Tutorial - 'HTML tags' by skyrider

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A list of some common known HTML tags.


I kind of ran out of ideas for tutorials, so I decided to write a list of basic HTML tags that you should know explaining what they are and what they do

<b>and</b>: Makes the text inbetween the <b>and</b> BOLD
<i>and</i>: Makes the text inbetween the <i>and</i> Italiacs
<u>and</u>: Makes the text inbetween the <u>and</u> Underlined
<s>and</s>: Makes the text inbetween the <s>and</s> striked out
<center>and</center>: Makes the text inbetween <center>and</center> centered on the page
<p>and</p>: Can be changed to align text and such: I.E:<p align="center"> will align the text to the middle of the page.
<table></table>: Begins a table
<tr></tr>: Begins a row of a table
<td></td>: Begins a column of a table
<hr>: Makes a horizantal rule(line)
<font>: Can be used to change font size, face, and color.
<br>: Used to start a new line on a page

All of the above tags are used in almost every site on the internet. With those tags, your could mix some together, and create the site of your dreams...with a little help from good old photoshop :P
Anyways, I just listed those real quick for quick reference if you can't remember them, or if you did not know them at all.

-Mike (AKA, Skyrider)