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Tutorial - 'Futuristic Games Part1 - Storyline' by Calo_Nord

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Discusses about different storylines for futuristic games.


Hey all this is my very first tutorial so i hope you like it, and if
you don't, i don't care because as i said it is my first.

Best Story line For A Futuristic Game:
Well their can be any type of storyline, ones such as.

1.Revenge - Very common and quite boring, unless you add something to
it to make it exciting, something like getting revenge on someone for
killing your family, but it could end up your family is the vil one,
maybe something like that but its advised you add more than that.

2.Seeking some sort of object or relic to save the world from utter
destruction, this is probly one of the worst storylines.....unless like
above you add to it, like the Starwars Knights Of The Old Republic,
in this game you have to seek the starforge to save the republic
from the sith lord Darth Malak who used to be the apprentice of
Darth Revan who mysteriously disappeared in a battle,(if you havent
got very far or dont wish to now what happens don't read below)
And you find out your Darth Revan which takes a surprising twist to
the game.

3. Just a person suddenly becoming a hero when a man trys to take over
the world and your hero stops him(you gotta be stupid to use this).

4.Your hero works at some place and something not rights going on
their and you get dragged in some how ...... this is shown in A
Blurred Line, which is one of my favourite rm2k games, if you need
futuristic reference download it.
e.g: You get framed for asassination, you over hear or come across
some sort of evil plans of ... well evil, You try some sort of machinery
which does something to you or takes you into the future ......

5. Time travel is quite common among rpgs but if you do this their must
be a decent reason for you going back in time(maybe an accident) like
in Chrono Trigger.

6.You could just be a mercenary or soldier who is fighting a war and you
just go from their, not that common in rm2k/rm2k3 games but i think
you do it right it can be very fun.

7.You could do a Sepheroth type storyline, where your looking for a
clue to your past and you find out you are not well you, this is also
displayed in Starwars Knights Of The Old Republic.

8. But the best storyline for a game is a all in one...
e.g. Your father was killed by some evil dude and you seek to get revenge
but to kill this person you need a weapon which can only kill him, and
because you seek to kill him you become a hero among people who hate him
as he may be a leader of some sort of company(VERY COMMON BOSS) and you
find out your father used to work for him and he was killed for trying to
grass some sort of secret plan which he knew about to the BOSSES loyal
workers, but you end up gettin dragged into the future by some sort of
machine your father created for the BOSS which the boss has used to seek
future technology which he has used to take over the world and you see
what everytihngs liek when he has done so. And you end up fighting his
army, and when you meet him you find out that your father was a really good
scientist who made the time machine and found out what this BOSS was going
to do with it and also that your father created you to be a prototype soldier
which malfunctioned and your abbility didnt show until when you were angry,
and you never had a mother, as you thought your mother was dead. You kill the
BOSS and fall in love with a girl you met up with n your adventure somewhere
and became a member of your party. THE END!

.....PHEW.......i think i typed to
fast for my keyboard then....well anyways if you havent turned blue yet
from my lack of commas(oops) thanks for reading.... i will be making more tuts
about futuristic games and i will even reveil my storyline and stuff....
which is really cool and i came up with it while watching a series of
sci-fi films.

Also i use RM2K3 i used to use RM2K. So i will try and configure my tuts
around both of them.