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Tutorial - 'How to make a good game' by Xa-yun

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Few tips to help people making better games.


Hi it's Xa-yun telling you how to make good games.
Follow these very few steps.

*When playing a game, see what makes the game fun or popular.

*Try drawing scetches of the amazing feature and try not to have it idenitcial or don't copy excactly.

*When you complete the layout, try to advance the feature in ways you think it was slacking.

*Use graphics that mostly other games doesn't have so the player gets a new feeling of the game.

*If so make new characters so you don't have most of the characters used in many prevoius games in yours.Try giving the player a fresh felling of the game.

*When making a sequel of a game.Take the things that made you game popular and add more feaures to the functions, or try to add things that players have rarely seen in games.

*Finally if you want a great game, try to make it long thrilling and some other junk to make it look fun to play.

Well this is it of this short tut.If I can come up with more painless ways of advancing your RPG games, i'll be sure to wtire it.