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Tutorial - 'Save / Load Confirmation Message' by IceSage

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IceSage shows how to make a Save/Load Confirmation message using the RPGMaker's MIDI Play Position (Ticks) feature.


Save / Load Confirm Message

In RPG Maker, it's rather hard to create a good load confirmation screen in your game.
Why? Because once you load your game, it continues with the script it was last reading
when you saved. By load confirmation, I mean, once you load your game again to
continue it, you'll get a message that says, "Welcome back to the game." This is hard to do
normally, because there isn't a "If LOAD" type of thing in RPG Maker.

So, when someone saves in your game, with a custom menu or any other type of custom
save, this tutorial will teach you how to add a "Your game has been saved" message, when
you save, and a "Welcome back to the game" when it's loaded. This feature will use the
MIDI Tickcount feature. The MIDI Tickcount feature I think has been neglected, since it
really doesn't have much of a purpose. But this time, I've actually found a use for the

So, here's how to do it, open up your rm2k game, or quickly create a cheap crappy
custom save menu of some sort.
Now then, here's basically the code, and what everything does. Please excuse it not being
exactly as it would be in RM2k/3, I have a different RM2k3, and that's where I'm copying
the code from. You should be able to get the general idea though.

You'll need a MIDI to be playing for this to work. If you don't want music playing, just set
the volume to it's lowest, or create a blank MIDI file with your favorite MIDI sequencer!

I'm not going to explain at lot step by step, I'm gonna give you the whole code, and
explain what each one does. Then give examples of what it's like.

Just stick this somewhere in your custom save menu, for the part when you want to save:

<>Change Var: Var[0001] (Set) - Saves
<>Call Save Menu
<>Change Var: Var[0002] (Set) - Saves
<>Change Var: Var[0003] (Set) - MIDI Play Pos. (Ticks)
<>If Var(0001) V[0002] (< >)
--<>If Var(0003) 490 (<=)
---<>Message: Load - Success!
--:Else Case
---<>Message: Save - Success!
--End Case
-Else Case
--<>Message: Failure, you did not save.
-End Case
End Case

Not sure if that made sense or not, well, I'll try to explain it to you.

Alright, here's the code again, only with me explaining what everything does.

<>Change Var: Var[0001] (Set) - Saves [Sets Number of Saves to Variable
<>Call Save Menu [Calls the Save Menu to let the player save the game.]
<>Change Var: Var[0002] (Set) - Saves [Sets Number of Saves to Variable
<>Change Var: Var[0003] (Set) - MIDI Play Pos. (Ticks) [Saves the current
amount of MIDI Ticks of the current MIDI playing.]
<>If Var(0001) V[0002] (< >) [Checks to see if You saved or not]
--<>If Var(0003) 490 (<=) [If you saved, it's now making another check here in
variable 0003, the midi tick count, to see if the MIDI tickcount is 490 or less, if it is, that
means the user just started the game, meaning the MIDI just started playing, determining
if the player just loaded the game or not.]
---<>Message: Load - Success! [Message displayed if Variable 0003, the MIDI
Tick Count, is 490 or less, meaning you just loaded the game.]
--:Else Case
---<>Message: Save - Success!
[If the Variable 0003, is over 490, that means the
music has been playing for awhile, and means you didn't just load up the game.]
--End Case
-Else Case
--<>Message: Failure, you did not save.
[Message displayed if you canceled the
-End Case
End Case

There, that's it! It's not that hard to explain! What happened was, we saved the amount of
times the game was saved into two variables, if they were the same, that means you didn't
save the game. If they were different, the means you saved, once it knew you saved, it
then check to see what the current value of the midi tickcount is, which was saved in
Variable 0003 for this example. If the MIDI tickcount is 490 or less, (which is a SMALL
amount of MIDI Ticks) then that means the music just started playing, and that means you
just loaded the game from the save menu, so, it displays "Load - Success!" for the user.
You can put whatever here. "Welcome back" or whatever you wish.

Well, that's pretty much it. It's pretty simple when you look at it, but pretty complex to
explain, so I hope you all were able to understand it.

If you have any additional Questions or Comments, try to contact me.
Thanks for reading my tutorial, I hope this gives you some use in your game, and I hope
it's great you found something that actually uses the MIDI Tickcount feature!

GW Name: IceSage
IRC Name: IceSage OR GelidusSepiens
AIM: GelidusSepiens