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Tutorial - 'Populating Your Town For Newbies' by bick

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Continuation to bick71's newbie tutorials. Make your towns more versatile and interesting by populating them well, bick71 tells you how.


Ever made a town with only 2 people in it. Or have people say the same thing to you every time. Well here is a way to make your town seem real as any town. For this tutorial you will need:
1.An event (make it look like a person)
2.A variable (call it talking)

Start out by making an event. Make it activated my push key and make it have random movement. this is a talking example for a little girl. You can edit the messages however you want. the coding is below:

<>Set varible talking set to random 1*4
Fork Condition - talking = 1
<>Message: My name is Angelica
Fork Condition - talking = 2
<>Message: My mommy says I'm as pretty as an angel
Fork Condition - talking = 3
<>Message: Hello Mister
Fork Condition - talking = 4
<>Message: Bye bye Mister

Now whenever you want to add another towns person, just copy and paste this event, just change what the even looks like and the messages. So thtat's it for yet another one of my newbie tutorials