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Tutorial - 'Making Newbie Tutorials for Newbies' by bick

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bick71 covers how to write a tutorial. A bit short but lays down the basic base for a tutorial.


Yes, I am starting to run out of ideas for tutorials. Anyways, if you want to make a tutorial, but you stink at writing one, this is the tutorial isn't for you. If you want to make one that a complete idiot can understand, read further on.

Let's start off with how you want your tutorial to be set up. Some people like to just copy and paste the code then submit. You would want to do that when your tutorial coding is very very long. For newbies, make it short and simple. I suggest using the format that I use. My format explains as it goes along. Check it out below:

1.Intro-Tell what the tutorial is about
2.What you need (number it. Example: 1. An event
2. 3 variable
Also say what to name them and what they look like)
3.Explain first bit of coding (if you wantted to show a
message, saymake an event activated on push key. The coding
is below:)
4.The coding (only put the stuff you explained above)
5.Repeat steps four and five untilyou ahve said all the coding
6.A conclusion (wrap up your tutorial so the person gets a good feel of what it's about. Also include stuff like what info can be edited, extra notes, etc.)

All of that makes a good tutorial. If you don't understand this tutorial, look at my other tutorials to figure out a good way to do it. Well I hope you learned how to create a tutorial for newbies. Goodbye for now (until I think of another topic for newbie help)