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Tutorial - 'Vincent style caracter change' by Riverdragon

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A tutorial which explains you how to make a character to transform into a beast during battle; Like Vincent in FF7.


Do you remeber the cool feature in Final Fantay 7 where Vincent could cange into a beast during battle? Well kiddies Im gonna show you how to make the same feature in your game.

First of you need to make a new hero in the datebase and make a sprite for that hero. If you want to not be able to controll him during battle set him on AI Control.

Now that you have a new character to change into you need to make a command so that he can change.Pick the Class that you want to be able to use this feat and go to the battle commands area. Click on Set. and make a new command(I called it "Allie")but you can call it whatever you want. Set the command to "link to an event"Now go back to the hero you want to be able to change and apply his class.

Now go to the Monster Groups tab in the database and go down to the Battle Events.Set it to"Hero uses the battle comman(Allie)"or what ever you called it. Now right click on the battle event page and insert a new event. Goto change party member and set it to the character that IS going to change and remove him.Now make another event and Add the member that he will change into.

Now make a new page and set the trigger to when monster's HP is between 0% and 0%.Then remove the character you changed into and add the normal character.

When it ill said and done it should look like this:

Page 1
Trigger----[Zelkhiramân] uses the [Allie] command
<>Change Party Members:Zelkhiramân Remove
<>Change Party Members:Lúmat Add

Page 2

Trigger-------Monster[XXXXX]Hp beetween 0
<>Change Party Members:Lúmat Remove
<>Change Party Members:Zelkhiramân Add

Zelkhiramân is the character changing and Lúmat is the character being changed into

Well there you go kiddies.If you have any questions feel free to E-mail me at: