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Tutorial - 'A newbies guide to beginger game making with rm2k' by bick

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If you just got RM2k/3, and you need help to get started, this tutorial is for you.


For the retards selected few who understand nothing of rm2k and downloaded it because you thought you could create games on a whimsy and figured out you were wrong, this tutorial is for you. I'm going to go over some of the basics like making a person talk, fighting, shops, map
making, and map transitions. First, let's make your map. You'll start your own file then relize the map is all water. That's easily fixed. Just click on the paintcan and use the grass tile to change your whole map into grass. If you do not want to have abig amp, right click on your map in the left toolbar and click on map proerties. then you will see the x and y corridnates, lower them. Now that you have your base map set up, edit it. and some cliffs, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, etc. Next click on the yellow sqaure to do upper level editing. On that add some trees, mountains, volcanoes, etc. NOTE: on the side toolbar you CAN select more than one sqaure. so now you have a spiffy looking map. Next go into event-editing mode. Here we will learn how to make someone say something! Make an event and change it's picture to a person. Under the event commands have this code:


There, taht wasn't hard. You can tlak to that event all you want and it will say "Hi!" Now make as many maps as you please, I really don't care. To make it so oyur hero can teleport between these maps, make an event. Make it look like a pink square so it will be invisible. Now look where it says push key. Click and scrool down until you get it to say on hero touch. then the coding for it goes below

<>teleport(where ever you want to go)

wow that seems simple enough. Now how do you battle monsters? Well under database you can edit the monsters stats to make it easier or harder for your heroes to kill. Don't make a monster that makes you go to lvl 50 and has 1 hp. And don't make a onster that has 1000000 hp and 100000 atk. make it balanced. Next add your monsters into mosnter parties (also in the database). Now right click on the ap where you want the monsters to appear, then click on map properties. Below were it says how big the map is, there is some text (saying osmething like monsters encountered, I can't remember) click on an empty line and scrool down to the monsterparty that you would like your hero to encouter. When you try to test your game and it comes with an error saying : no party starting position, simply go into event editing mode and right click on a sqaure. There you will see an option saying set party starting position. And so ends one of my long tuorials. I hope you are not overwhlemed by rm2k or insulted by my stratched out comments which oyu are a pansy if you are offended by this. I strongly urge all newbies to give rm2k a try. I hope later you will become a great game maker. Well goodbye!