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Tutorial - 'Ship to Submarine or Airship' by Levi

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If you have wondered how to make your hero to ship to a submarine or airship, do check this out, this'll tell you how.


This will explain what the title says, It is a cool system where you do not go inside the ship and that crap, only up or down if you have those vehicles.
On to the code!

First make a common event, call it "Ship Up/Down"
Make it parallel process and with the switch "Got Sub"
Got that? well i'm moving on, now make an underwater map, just copy the world change the land to black panorama, and erase all the towns, then set the water to a passable dirt or sand, set the screen tone to blue, and add medium fog. Ok good make a new map and Call it like "Ship to Airship"
Now, copy this code, and where it says change Ship sub ID make it your Underwater map, and where it has numbers in memorize position, just use the variables like Ship/Sub ID and stuff, Ok got it? well I'm moving on!

Ok if you copied that down Exactaly except for the variables, you should try to use the same V, but if not use others. Now make a new Common Event, make it Parallel Process, and the switch Underwater, Here it goes:

Easy enough? Well the last event is the Airship to Ship one

Ok that is IT! now it will work, If you could not get to my code pictures, for the first part go to:, for the second common event go to:, and for number 3 .
Now it will work!!!

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I'm Levi!