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Tutorial - 'RPG Maker 2000 Beginners Help' by Ocelot_x3

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Another tutorial directed to very beginners of RPGMaker, however, this tutorial also shares some useful tips how to make your game more interesting and enjoyable.


This tutorial is intended for people that barely know anything about RPG Maker 2000.

Hopefully it will be of some help.
You should at least know how to use switches.

Developing your Game-----------

You must get a feeling when you are in a town. Make it believable. Create your town to your liking and slap a midi on it. Study the surroundings a while. Listen to various midis. You will find the perfect one that goes with your town. Switch things up. Change midis in certain houses or shops. Make sure you do not have open areas! This makes the game look cheap and unfinished. Cover your map area but do not crowd. Characters should mention stuff about the town and go with the chipsets. Be consistant with you NPC's (Non Playable Characters) make them look like they are from the same town or same game even. Each town should be elaborate. Have at least one sequence in your town. Whether it be funny or serious. Don't make your characters say something like. EX."Hi welcome to Varubia"... ... ... and? Try this rather. Ex."Hi welcome to the famous fishing resort Verubia""Please enjoy your stay." hmm...better. You could even give your NPC's names.
Have it say something like "The Gorson's residence" when you walk into the house or something.

Next, the world map. This is the most important map that you should not leave a bunch of empty space on. Make it so you enjoy going to the world map. Most games do not do that. You are usuallt like "Dang I have to walk all the way to Morian city.""That's on the other side of the continent!"...Not if you have scenery on the way there.

Make your game have a story. Type out a story or little pieces at a time. Don't be stuck raming your head into the wall trying to think of stuff right out of your head. If you do you will not enjoy making the game and probally quit and start a new game. Or else you will make the game cheesy.

Play other RPG's and get ideas. Do not copy though. Try to make things better. The more original a game is, the better.

Develop the main characters. Give them life. No not the spell. Develop a personality and stick with it. Have one person as a comic relief or a mysterious character.

Probably one of the most important aspects of a game is the story. You need twists. There is no better way to impress people, than to give them something they would never expect.
"Oh my god! Your dad is really your cousin!!! But for real have fun on making your games.