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Tutorial - 'Rm2k3 battle withought Battle Character Graphics' by DarknessX

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If you want to make a battle without using character graphics in RPGMaker 2003, this tutorial explains how.


Why did I write this tutorial? First, drawing the battle char set is a pain in the ass. I tried it and gave up. If you try to use the RTP, there is a limitation of playable characters. So I decided to make a Front View.

First, choose you characters. Find the name for each one of them.
Go into you favorite paint program and make a battle animation with all the character's name it. after doing that, save the animation and load it into the RM2k3. Make a battle animation of each of them standing still. If you prefer, you can make them flash such as when a character is attacking or using skills. Then go in to Animation 2. Make all the character animation type to battle animation and put the correct battle animation to each of the characters. go to battle layout and put each character animation on the side like a menu. All of them one under another. You can scramble them around, but it can make the game confusing. Set the animation to the characters. now, battle, and you will see that the character names will show up and when a monster attacks, it will hit the character name. Easy and simple. No hard art.

Also, remember to delete all weapon battle character sets and make sure that no skills and weapons have anything like “move toward target” or “jump forward” or anything like that. This is my first Tut and I hope you don’t take this too harshly. I thought up of all this myself. If someone else had this idea, I DID NOT steal it.