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Tutorial - 'Timer' by SSJTrunks

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The name might not be descriptive enough, but this tutorial explains you how to keep count of seconds, minutes, hours, days etc.


This is a timer that I made well can't say much if you need help with anything e-mail me.

Ok first go into your commen events and name it Timer

first your going to need these variables.


Ok here is the Timers Code for slackers that don't get it so that is why I am just going to give away my code.

Wait 1 second(so it runs right)

Variable change second +1

Fork second make it equel to 60
variable change second -60
variable change minut +1
fork minut equel to 60
variable change minut-60
variable change HR+1
fork Hr equel to 12(can be as much hr's as you want)
variable change HR-12
Variable change Day+1
fork Day equel to 30
variable change Day-30
Variable change Year+(to what your year you want for me it was 4002)
good you made a time now do this

Message Time \v[0021]:\v[0028]:\v{0022]
Date \v[0023]/'\v[0024]/\v[0025]

Time should go like this.


Date should go like this


Have fun don't make it to hard onyourself still you shouldnot be a noob before doing this.