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Tutorial - 'Easy Soccer Mini-Game' by rpgcreater2003

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A tutorial on how to make an easy soccer mini game. Great if you want some kind of sport in your game!


This an't so hard to make buit here's what you need
to know:
Now for the tut.
First you make a map (wide enough like 60 going up and
40 going left) and have the goal 3 squares.
nowPlace a Goalie in the center of the goal and
make a event 5 squares ahead of the goalie.
now for the set up for your goalie

Make his graphic whatever you want and make him
parallel process and for the movement type put custom pattern and put the speed at 7 and the frequency at twice

Now the events for your goalie and put it like this

<> Move Event...: this Event: Lock Facing Left Right Right Left
In the move event:
Lock Facing
Move Left
Move Right
Move Right
Move Left

And put a dot on repeat action on the left bottom corner.

Nowe for the event commands: (Branch is a another page)
make a conditional Branch it will be that
switch 1 is on.
Set the first Branch as a move event, and the movement
will be wait..and select repeat pattern

This is about the goaline stopping the ball.

The event commands should be like this: (Next Page)
Switch Soccer is on set
<>Move Event: This event, Wait
:Else Case
Now we do the BALL! (Oh Noes)

Frequency set as normal and set it as push key

for the event commands but first you need a move event command and it should be like this:
Move Up
Move Up
Move Up
Move Up
Move Up
Move Up
Face Down

Next put a switch command, turn switch 1 on
Now you need a wait event set it at 20 (2 secobds)
<> Wait (wait 2.0seconds)
Now a conditon branch with the conditoon branch
(This event) facing down
set the first branch as a switch opperation, and have it
set Switch 2 on
now your going to need a another conditional branch
after all of that with the condition as Switch 2 is ON
see the First Branch as your win message, and the second
one as your lose message.

the event commnads should look like this...

<>move event: this event,Move up, Move Up, Move Up
Move Up Move Up Move Up, Face Down
<> Change Switch: [0001: Soccer1] ON set
<> Wait: 2.0 sec
<> Branch: This event facing down
<> Switch Operation: [0001:Soccer2]ON Set
: Else Case
: End
Next Page
Switch: Soccer2 is on set
<>Message: You win!
:Else Case
<> Messgage: You Lose!
Enjoy m tut! :)