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Tutorial - 'Body Hiding System' by ATARI

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Ever wanted to make a system where you hide dead bodies from other monsters or guards in your RPG? If so, this is the tutorial for you!!


Hi Folks! It’s ATARI again! This time I’m going to be talking about how to make a body hiding system in your RPG.

This tutorial is Part VII of the Shooting and Hearing Series.

Things that you will need to know to use this tutorial:
1. Variables
2. Switches
3. Fork Options
4. Enter Password Commands
5. Set Event Command

So what do I mean when I say a “Body Hiding System?” Well, it is a system that is to be like that of the body hiding system of; for example: Splinter Cell. (Recommended game, by the way.) When you kill or knockout a guard, you want to hid their bodies, before other guards come in and see the bodies. Then they will be alerted, and may come after you. This tutorial is talking about how to make a such a system
in your RPG.


The first thing that you need to do is make a new map, or use a map that you used in this tutorial. Make this map whatever size you want. Have the whole map be made up of walkable tiles. That means, no water tiles, etc., except for the wall that we are going to make. Now, near the bottom a wall. It doesn’t have to be exactly like the picture below, but have the same properties.

Making Dead Bodies Recognizable to Guards

Now on this map, make two guard events. For the first one, have it’s graphics be that of a guard, and have it not do any movement. Have it be “Push Key.” Have it turn on the switch “Guard1_Dead” in the event command. Name this event: “Guard 1.” For the second guard, have it’s graphics be that of a guard as well. Make it like a guard by using the
information from this tutorial.
Unless you already have a map with the stuff from that tutorial in it, you will have to make that all before you can move on. Have it be named “Guard 2.”

Once that is done, have this guard’s movement go around in a route. Have it look something like this:

Make sure that the guard’s sight is long enough so that when he is going to the right, his line of vision would be on the other guard. Now go back to your first guard event. Make a new page. Have it’s starting condition switch be “Guard1_Dead.” Make it’s graphics be that of the guard on the ground. Make sure that it’s position is below hero, so he can be walked over. (This is important.) (One of the easiest ways to make them look dead is to make the guard just look up. We aren’t going for the graphics in this tutorial, just the system.)

Now go to the event that makes a fork option with the second guard’s vision events. (Basically, the one that sets your hero’s X and Y coordinates, and then tries to match them with one of the guard’s vision events.) Copy the page, and paste it as a new page with a starting condition of “Guard1_dead.” At the part where variables are set to the guard’s X and Y coordinates, and the hero’s X and Y coordinates, have it set X and Y coordinates for “Guard 1” using variables “Guard1_deadX” and “Guard1_deadY.” In an else case, have it line up with the guard’s X and Y coordinates. Now, instead of setting up the hero’s X and Y coordinates, have it line up with “Guard1_deadX” and “Guard1_deadY.” Make it turn on the alerting switch, or whatever you have your guard do when he is alerted.

What you currently have is that the second guard, (the one who is patrolling) will now be able to notice the dead body of the other guard. Not good if you don’t want to alert the guards. Now we need a system so that your hero can try to hide the other guard while the other guard is patrolling in a different direction, and not looking at you. The reason for creating the wall in the first part of the tutorial, was for a place that you can hide the guard, so you need the walkable space at the bottom. Since the guard cannot see over the wall, he will not be able to see the guard.

Hide The Bodies

Now go to your “Guard 1” event and go to the second page. In the event commands, have it wait 0.1 seconds, and then turn on the switch “Guard1_carry” and then turn off the switch “Guard1_Dead.” Make a new page in this event with the starting condition switch of “Guard1_carry.” In here, make it a push key event with no graphics, or anything in it at all. Hit the OK button.

Now make a new auto-start event. Have this event’s starting condition switch be “Guard1_Carry.” In here, make it change your hero’s graphics to the graphics of your hero carrying a dead body on his back. In a move event, have your hero’s speed be decreased. (Body’s aren’t feathers, you know!) (I don’t have any example character sets, or know of anywhere there are, so if most likely you’ll have to make one on your own. You could find some game screenshots that have people carrying bodies if you want something to base it off.) Hit the OK button on this event.

Now, create yet another event. Have this event be a parallel process. Make it’s starting condition also be the switch “Guard1_Carry.” In here, have it make an enter password command event. In the password event, have the variable that it uses be “BodyDrop.” Check the box by the “(5)” and do not check the “wait until key hit” box. Below that, have a wait 0.1 seconds event, followed by a fork option. In this fork option, have it ask “IF variable ‘BodyDrop’ is equal to ‘5’, then”, have it do the following. Make a new change variable event. Have it set your Hero’s X and Y coordinates to “HeroX” and “HeroY.” Then using a set event position command, have the event “Guard1” be set to where “HeroX” and “HeroY”
is. Wait another 0.1 seconds. Increase your hero’s speed by the amount it was decreased earlier. Then turn off the switch “Guard1_Carry,” and then turn on the switch Guard1_Dead.” Have nothing the else
case, or any of the other end cases.

Well! Congratulations! You have successfully made a body hiding system in your RPG. Don’t forget to all of you who have used this tutorial; that this tutorial is only on how to make the basic system. You can easily expand and add extra things to this system, and you are encouraged to as well.

Good Luck!
“Even the greatest gamers were n00bs.”