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Tutorial - 'Multiple Enemies on One Picture Tutorial' by GrahamL

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How to have multiple enemies on one picture, like Giga Gaia of CT.


Multiple Enemies on One Picture Tutorial-SBS
Get ready folks, it's a dozer.

If you have played Chrono Trigger extensively, you probably remember the unique
challenge in fighting Giga Gaia. I have recently been angered to see a similar
battle using Giga Gaia's monster pictures in Legion Saga II, and as such decided
to tell anyone who's wondering how to do the same effect WITHOUT using multiple
pictures. But first, some definitions...

1. Integral enemy- An enemy whose monster picture disappears off the screen in
battle after being defeated. The standard enemy.

2. Non-integral enemy- An enemy whose monster picture does not disappear off
screen in battle after being defeated. The battle will end even if a NIE is not
defeated, as long as the IE/s is/are defeated.

3. Non-essential enemy- An enemy whose monster picture disappears off the screen
in battle after being defeated. The battle will end even if a NEE still remains,
making it a cross between an IE and a NIE.

4. Integral/Non-integral enemy- An enemy whose monster picture does not
disappear off screen in battle after being defeated. Like a IE, the I/NIE must
be defeated to end the battle. I can't think of many uses of a I/NIE, except in
cinematic battles with controlled events.

5. In a standard battle, the player fights a bunch of IEs. Sometimes during a
boss battle, the player will face both IEs and NEEs. Sticking with the theme of
things, this tutorial will teach you how to effectively make NIEs and place them
in your monster parties, as well as make battles with I/NIEs in them.

Let's say you want to make a monster called The Big Head (the one that goes
above the shoulders, you sickos). You want its two eyes to cast magic while the
nose attacks physically and the mouth restores HP and MP simultaneously. This
first tutorial will make the Nose an IE and the Left and Right Eyes and Mouth

1. First, open up your picture-drawing kit (I prefer Idraw3), make a new blank
picture that's about 90-by-90, and title it Blank. Save it and exit the PDK.

2. Now surf the Internet, if you haven't already, for a huge picture of a head
with large eyes, nose, and mouth.

3. Make a monster titled Nose, and use the picture of the big head.

4. Make the Left Eye, Right Eye, and Mouth, setting them to do their specific
tasks (you would probably have to make a new skill that restores HP and MP).
Give all of them the Blank monster pic.

5.When making the monster party, put the Nose monster right in the center of the
battlefield. Put the blank Right Eye where the Nose's right eye is, and so on
with the Left Eye and Mouth.

6. Under the Battle Events for the Big Head battle, make a new event with the
Trigger and Events set for,


If you are going to include a cinema afterwards, you may have to use some
switches or variables.

7. Go ahead and battle-test it. Battle animation will focus on the right parts,
and you will get the desired effects. If a NIE (Left or Right Eye, Mouth) is
defeated, the picture of the monster will still remain while the player cannot
target the destroyed part. Once more I remind you, the Nose is the IE; if it is
destroyed the battle will end.

Now for the second tutorial... What if you want to make a battle with nothing
but I/NIEs in it? This will be a little more difficult, but we can do it. You'll
just have to do a bit of editing with that excellent PDK you have (You'll also
need a Blank monster pic).

1. From all your available backdrops, select the one you will use in the battle.
For the sake of this tutorial, we're going to use the Castle backdrop from the
RTP selection.

2. Find and open the monster picture/s you will use for the battle. In this
battle we'll use three of the classic Slime monster of RTP fame. Once you're
ready, copy all of the Slime picture and open the Castle backdrop.

3. Paste the Slime picture three times, and move them to where you would like
them seen in the battle. Unfortunately you'll probably still have to deal with
the odd color behind the monster, as well as adjusting colors to make your
I/NIEs look normal. I'm sorry, I have yet to find a fix for that. Hopefully some
kind man from Gaming World will help us out on making it easier.

4. When finished with placing your Slimes, save the file seperate from RTP with
a special name- perhaps something like, 'ThreeSlimeBattle'. Open RPGMaker and
the RAW Material handler, then import the ThreeSlimeBattle into your backdrops.

5. Open the Database and create a new monster named Slime. Give it the same
qualities as a regular Slime, but give it the Blank monster pic.

6. Open Monster Party and create the ThreeSlimeBattle battle (Change the
background to ThreeSlimeBattle, or else you won't be able to make this). Add
three of your invisible Slimes to the battle, lining them up with the three
pictures of the Slimes already there.

7. And whala! The Slimes are near-perfect I/NEIs, except for their color. They
will stay in the battle the whole time, yet the player can kill them off early
on. You can add special cinema effects if you need to- if Slime 1 is fighting
alone, have it start to pimp your party out. The biggest benefit is that a
monster can be seen in the battle, but he doesn't have to take part of it.
Instead, the monster can actually comment on how you are fighting.

Anyways, I hope you found this tutorial helpful in making interesting SBS
battles (you probably didn't, if you're a veteran; damn those CBS!). I apologize
if it was too lengthy or in the wrong forum- in either case, you may lock it up.
I'm sorry, it's just that reoccuring pictures of Super Nintendo monsters is
starting to get me angry. But don't worry if I'm angry; what I just wrote seems
to be the closest thing to a rant for me.