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Tutorial - 'Simple Character selection' by Shindo_trin

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Shindo_trin writes about how to make a simple character selection screen with basic knowledge about RPGMaker.


The Skills you will need to possess are
a useful knowledge of switches, Forks, Pictures and enter Passwords.
The Things you need for this tutorial are Rm2k, and maybe Idraw.
Now to the Tutorial...

First off we need a picture of a cursor like the hand from the Final Fantasy games!
now get Create two characters and name them Paul and David, Make sure you know what their facesets are. Now open Idraw and select the faceset with David in

it, select David's face and enlarge it by twice the size, now copy it, Create a new picture the size of David's Face Now paste it. Now save this pic in your

games picture folder, Name it David_face. Now do the same for Paul's face.
Now create a new map in rm2k and call it character select screen.
make the background black and click ok.
Now create a new event in the top-left corner of the screen make it start on Autostart and name it whatever... Now to the coding!

This is where you code the Cursor but first you need to show David and Paul's face on the screen to do this
go to show picture-Pic no.1-David_face, get the picture co-ordinates where you want them.
and show picture-Pic no.2-Paul_face, get the picture co-ordinates where you want them.

Now we are ready to code the cursor!!!

Create 2 switches-David-select
Go to show picture No.3 Cursor put the co-ordinates next to the person on the left!
Now input the switch of whoever you want the cursor to start on Paul-select for Paul and David-select for David
Put in an enter password and name the variable 'cursor movement' make sure that only the directional box is checked(1,2,3,4) and wait until key is hit! click

Now make a fork Condition and make it the Variable 'cursor movement' and set it at 2= Same
with an else case.
now put another fork inside this fork and have the switch David-select on with an else case! now
just move the picture number 3 over to the other characters picture. now change switches David-select=Off and Paul-select=On
now in the else case-
put another fork and have the switch Paul-select on with an else case! now
just move the picture number 3 over to the other characters picture. now change switches David-select=On and Paul-select=Off
now in the else case of our very first fork we can copy the first fork into the else case but change the variable's value to three!!!
and there we have the cursor!!!!
now click apply to make sure we don't lose all our code!!
you can now test play your game and see how it runs but don't celebrate yet because there is still more to come!!

Now this is to code when you click on a certain character you become the character you chose!!!
Now remember the lat fork we put in?
Make sure that fork has an else case!
In the else case make an enter password name the variable 'cursor select'
make sure that the middle (confirm- 5) and the wait till key hit are the only ones checked
now insert a fork and make the variable Cursor select at 5 - Same! no else case.
now within this fork put another fork with an else case with switch David-Select=ON.

Now set the screen tone to black and add David to your party and teleport to a map and set the screen tone back to normal, now in the else case, do the exact

same thing except with where it says David make it be Paul's preferences!

And now we have a perfect Select character screen!!!