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Tutorial - 'Mining for Dummies' by MASTERER

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A simple tutorial about how to make a mining system for your game.


Ok this is MASTERER here and I decided to start making tutorials for dummies on RM2K/3. First I will teach you how to make a mining system in your game

where you can learn how to have a mining area in your game with a pickaxe and how to mine the ore and sell it. So here's what you need to know/what you

1. Variables
2. Fork Options
3. How to make items and shops (Simple I think!)
4. A rock in your chipset or character set.

Ok, first make some items named Pickaxe, Coppper Ore, Tin Ore, Iron Ore, Coal, Silver, and Gold. (You don't need to do all of the ores if you don't want to.)

If you want, make Pickaxe an accesory. Also make a variable named RandomMine. Then make a new event for copper ore. It should look something like this:

Page 1:
Message:You need a pickaxe (equipped) to mine the copper ore!

Page 2:
Requirements:Item Pickaxe Held
Message:You attempt to mine out a copper ore...
<>Variable Oper: [0007:RandomMine] Set, Rnd [1-3]
<>Branch if Var [0007:RandomMine]is 2
<>Message: You got a copper ore!
<>Variable Oper: [0007:RandomMine] Set, 0
<>Change Items: Copper Ore 1 Add
: Else Handler
<>Message:You failed to mine a copper ore!
: End

After this, you can make another event with another rock changing the copper ore to a tin ore, iron ore, coal, silver, gold, etc. Make the more valuable

ones hidden and guarded by monsters maybe? Also, make a mining shop where you can buy a pickaxe and sell your ores for profit. That's the end of my

tutorial so have fun, and go make a mining system.