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Tutorial - 'Help on Custom Systems' by SSJTrunks

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A tutorial by SSJTrunks, this time helping with some custom system stuff.


Ok if you can make the codes for a cbs but can't seem to get the pictures and codeing here is what will help you.

CBS(no pictures)

Ok make a map 20X15 will do

Ok make variables for HP and MP

Setting up hero's

Ok now that you made variable lets set the numbers for your hero's.

Varable change{001.HeroHP]Set to whatever you like.
do this for all hero's.
do the same for you enemy.
Setting up MP.
Variable change{002.MP}Set76
same for all hero's.

Ok lets make a new event to set it all up.

event conditions will be autostart have 2 pages.
Page 1 code.
Switch001.Battle onset
page 2 kaeep all it blank but where it says switch change it to battle

Now make the characters for your Hero's and enemy's

I will use 1 each.

Make a new event call it Hero
Make a new event call it enemy
in the enemy's event have 2 pages
keep the first page blank and the second with battle.
ok on the second page make a choice and use all slots
have attack,Skills,Defend,Run
in attack just move your event and have attack battle animation and move your hero back.

Fire case.

<>forkvariable.002MP.17 equel
Inside fork.
show a fire animation
subtract enemy's HP.
Do all this but change animation and MP set
play sound Numb5

Defend case.
Change Hero movement to a defend stat.

Run case.

Make a fork inside the fork have a variable name it run and have it to a random number like 1-3
els case.
Could not run.

Ok there you go if this was to confusing to bad because yous still need to know basic rm2k programming.

Noobs read it to you understand

Tutorial 2

Basics of switches.

Make a event have 2 pages
first page have it say must have???switch on.
Page 2.
message. you have turned on a switch


Make a varialbe
and go to help option for this one


Make a fork and set it to 17 and equel.
before fork have a variable set it to 17
inside fork
Message. you have used a fork
Els case.
Variable must be set to 17.

CMS(no pictures)

Ok make a enterpassword have it to anything but the 1234 option the last and the one before that just set it so when you hit b it turns it on.
after the enter password.
Show choice menu,save,stats,exit menu.

Menu case.
call menu

Save stat.
Call save.

make a variable and go to the hero and the name and everything thats in it.

that is what there the HP number goes.

exit menu case.
erase picture 1
since its a choice just hit a few buttons untill the choice goes away.
You have just made a cms Now can you do it in picture form.

Copyright. this is meant for gamingw only e-mail me if you want this on your site.