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Tutorial - 'Vital skills system.' by DarkByNight

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A tutorial on how to add some depth to your game by implementing a vital skill system.


Vital skills system.

This is my first tutorial but I will try being as thorough as possible.
If, by the end of it you are unsure of something, feel free to write me at
In one of my games I am using this system and I think it adds a nice touch.

What you need:
As many switches as you have skills.
Knowledge of switches and branches (fork conditions)

First you need to make 2 events.
One of these events will teach you the skill and the other will utalize it.
In my game I use the skill reading so that will be my example for this tutorial.
Now, One of your events is a teacher, make it any graphics you want.
Make him ask if you want to learn how to read and have choices for yes / no, you can charge money if you want.
If your player chooses yes, extract the cost and then turn on a switch called "can read".
In the same event, make a new page and make it use the switch "can read" and then input whatever you want the npc to say if you already learned the skill.

Now, for the second event, use the graphics of a book or anuthing else you would like to read.
Make a branch (fork) and let it branch if "can read" is on.
Place whatever happens when you read the item.
In the else handler You just place whatever the player sees if he can't read the item.

Event1 (teacher):
<>Message: Wanna read?
<>Show choices: Yes/No
: [Yes] handler
<>Switch operation: [xxxx:can read] ON
: [No] handler
: End

second page.

(switch "can read" on in preconditions)
<>Message: It's nice being able to read, eh?

Event2 (book):

<>Branch if switch [xxxx:can read] is ON
<>Message: If you can read this then you can read.
: Else handler
<>Message: You can't read this!

It's as simple as that really.
Now, this can be used for anything, not just reading, you could for example use it to climb cliffs,
row a boat, cook food, anything you can think of.
I have never encountered bugs with using this system but if you Find anything wrong with it, be sure to E-mail me
and I'll see what I can do.
Thanks for reading my tutorial!