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Tutorial - 'Basics of Variables' by bluemoogle

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Learn the basics of variables by making a girl turn into a man! (..What?) Courtesy of blue_moogle!


Variables Tutorial
By Blue_moogle

First, we need 1 event. (read my switches tutorial to learn how to do the basics of new page and junk.) Make it have a total of 3 pages. On
the first page, make the graphic be a little girl. Have the girl say 'I'm a girl.'.

After that, we do a variable change. It's on the first page. Select the first variable, and call it Transformer. Set it as '+'. For Operand, make it set, and 1. It should look like this so far. ()Message:I'm a girl.
()Change Variable : [0001:Transformer]+ , 1
Now on the second page, do the exact same thing, only make the girl look different, like an older girl, or a younger girl. On the third page, do
the same thing, only make it a man, and have the message say 'I'm a man.'

For the variable, make it SET, and not +, and for operand, make it 0. The second page should look like above, and the third should look like what
is below.

()Message:I'm a man.
()Change Variable : [0001:Transformer]Set , 0
Last but not least, go to first page, check the variable box, which is below the switch box on the left side. Make it 0. On the second page,
check the variable box, make it 1. On the third page, check the variable box, and make it 2. Now test it out, and watch the girl transform!

Uses of variables compared to switches= Variables can be useful in some ways. For this event, instead of using 3 switches, we used 1 variable.
But other events it would be smarter to use variables. This is just the basics. Explore their full power using forks and pictures.. but that will come much much later.. The End!