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Tutorial - 'Summoning Like the Princess in Final Fantasy 9!!' by Baron_Osiris

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A tutorial on how to make a summon system for your game using RM2k3, seen many times in many famous RPGs starting from Final Fantasies.


Ok this is my first tutorial ever so I will do my best.

First things first go to the Classes page in the Database and add a Battle Command called (Summoning) or whatever you wish, to one of the classes. This is

one of the most important steps.

Now go into the Monster Groups. Set the trigger to (When (your character) uses the (Summoning) command. Then insert an event that will show a message (EX:

What spirit do you wish to summon?). Insert a Show Choices event and for now only use one choice (Fire Spirit) and one that says None or whatever you want.

Then for the Handler of that choice put Change Party Members: (Fire Spirit) add. It should look like this.

<>Message: What spirit do you wish to summon?
<>Show Choices: Fire Spirit///None
:[Fire Spirit] Handler
<>CHange Party Members: Fire Spirit Add
:[] Handler
:[] Handler
:[None] Handler

Ok now that will make it so you can summon a person into a battle but, when you leave the battle the summon will stay. I have solved the problem, took me

some thinking though since I am new to the RPG Maker 2k3.

First go to the map that you will be testing this out on and add an event anywhere. Don't give the event any graphics! Choose the Precondition: Hero (Fire

Spirit) in the party. Now insert the event Change Party Members: Fire Spirit Remove.

To finish up all you have to do is make the character that you will summon. I made mine AI controlled and drains life from the summoner. I hope this

tutorial makes someone out there happy.