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Tutorial - 'Random responses from NPCs' by Gamesmaster

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A tutorial that explains how to have NPCs say random stuff


Hi everyone, Gamesmaster here with my first tutorial for the RM2k.
I thought I would start off with something simple that can improve a lot of games out there. If you've ever played Grandia 2 you'll have noticed that when you talk to the villagers the people in your party would answer in their own special way. Well I thought up a way of doing that in rm2k. This tutorial will only need variables in order to work so it's a great beginning tutorial.
Alright, so click on one of your npcs. Have them have a message for the hero like:

<>Messg:I can't wait until I grow up a little more. My dad says I could join the alliance!

Now create a variable. Let's call it talktopeasants. Set the variable to a random number between 1 and the number of people in your party. For simplicity I will just use 2 in this example. Now you must click on fork conditions. Click on variable and find the talktopeasants variable you just made. Set it to 1 and make a message. Then do the same thing for 2 and so on. Make a different message for each of your party members. This is a great way to establish a personality for your characters. So if we follow along with our example it will look like this.

<>Messg:I can't wait until I grow up a little more. My dad says I could join the alliance!
<>Variable Ch:[xxxx: talktopeasants]Set,Rand[1*2]
<>Fork Optn:Varb[xxxx:talktopeasants]-1
<>Select Face Graphic: (one hereo's face)
<>Messg: It's not an easy road but if you're determined I know you can do it!
<>Select Face Graphic: Eras <> <>Fork Optn:Varb[xxxx:talktopeasants]-2
<>Select Face Graphic: (Another Party member)
<>Messg:Yeah yeah and Ogres can Fly. Listen kid leave the heroic stuff to the professionals!
<>Select Face Graphic: Eras
<> End Case

As you can see, if this is done correctly, you can have an intriguing story, as well as well as a little replay value once people realize your characters each have a response to each NPC.
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