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Tutorial - 'MP3 Playlists' by Lieroguy

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Just incase you wondered how.


LIEROGUY, 3/28/2004

There were some questions on the forum about this, after my answer helped a friend on the forum, I decided to edit and post it for tutorial form.

This Tutorial is usefull for creating a music soundtrack, or playlist. If you have a selection of songs you want to run through in order, no matter where you are, as if it was playing off of a CD, this could really help you out.

Create a common event for your playlist (We'll call it PLAYLIST1). Set the event up so that a variable controlls what song plays, in thier order (song number 5 is played when the variable is 5. We'll call the variable "PLAYORDER1"). Set up a switch so that you can turn the common event on and off in case you want to change playlists for a different playlist or play an entirely unique song on demand. (Let's say the switch's name is "LIST1")

Find out how long each MIDI (or MP3) is and have the event wait that long before playing the next song. For instance, if "1.mid" was 2:30, the structure kind of like...

If variable PLAYORDER1 = 1,
PLAY:1.mid vol100% temp100%
WAIT: 2:30
variable PLAYORDER1 = (variable PLAYORDER1 + 1)
IF variable PLAYORDER1 = 2,
PLAY:2.mid vol100% temo100%
WAIT: 4:15
variable PLAYORDER1 = (varibale PLAYORDER1 + 1)

...if you wanted to cut to a different song, you would simply turn "LIST1" to off and stop the BGM. This stops the running through of the playlist. The currently playing song will still play, so you're going to want to stop it with another command. Then you would either turn another switch to another common event playlist on (Switch "LIST2", variable "PLAYORDER2"), or just use a event command to play an individual song. When you get finished with the other playlist, or leave the map that one song was playing in, you just stop the current song, turn "LIST1" back on again (and any other playlist switches like "LIST2" off) and it starts running in the background. I believe it would add a great deal of depth to the music to your game, especially if you decide to go for MP3 later on in a RM2K3 game.

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