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Tutorial - 'Experience/Level System for your CBS' by Ironfist

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Learn how to create a custom experience and level system for your custom systems.


Hi again. This tutorial is about creating an experience and levelling system for your CBS. This is not a tutorial on how to make a CBS and you must have your CBS constructed before using this tutorial. Now, let’s get started. Also, I will not show any examples in this tutorial because everyone’s CBS will be different so it wouldn’t make much sense to show examples.

First, We have to set up some variables. You’ll need to create an experience variable, for the sake of this tutorial, I’ll call the first Char1EXP, for Character 1’s experience. You’ll need Char1EXP, Char2EXP and so on for as many characters as you have in your game. You’ll also need to create some kind of ID system for your characters in battle but hopefully you’ve already taken car of that in your CBS. Now, you’ll have to integrate that variable into your system of which characters are in battle (for example a fork condition, if Char1 is in battle then make Char1EXP the variable we will edit, which I will show you later in the tutorial.). You will also need a Monster1EXP and Monster2EXP variable and so on for as many monsters as you will have in battle at a maximum, as well as AddHP, AddMP, AddStr, AddMag and other abbreviations for whatever statistics you would like to modify in the levelling up process. I will explain this later on in the tutorial.

Now what we need to do is have a condition that is when the enemy is killed, a certain amount is added to Char*EXP (* should be replaced with whatever character it is.) To determine the character, you will need to create a fork condition to determine which character dealt the enemy the fatal damage. You can do this with your CBS whatever way you like as long as you get it done.

Next you will have to have the experience distributed. This won’t be too hard. What you need to do here is use the process you developed earlier to check who killed the monster and add the variable Monster*EXP (* should be replaced with the monster that’s killed) to Char*EXP.

After you have this done, what we need to do is set level up limits with the variable. After the experience is distributed, you should have a fork condition checking the experience variable and seeing if it’s reached a certain number, and if it’s reached it, you will have a level up and if not, you will just return to the world map. Once this is done, use the Change Variable command in RM2K and set your AddStr, AddMag, AddHP and AddMP and whatever else to random numbers between whatever numbers you’d like it to increase at certain levels. If you would like to have certain magics or abilities learned, you can have the names of the abilities as Variables and set them as random numbers from 1 to any number (the higher the number, in this case, the harder it is to get the ability.). Once this is set up, you have the levelling up commands check if the selected ability has the number one, and if it does then make the levelling up character learn that ability, and if not, then nothing happens. This process is used because the ability learning chance is a random number between 1 and any number you choose. This is how it works. The higher the number, the harder it is to get 1 as a random number. Therefore you have a harder chance at learning the ability.

This is the end of the tutorial. I hope it’s helped you out.