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Tutorial - 'How to use an FTP Program' by skyrider

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This is a good guide to using FTP programs. Quite handy for people new to uploading and web site building.


If you have ever made a website and wondered how to get it on to the internet so people can see it, then continue reading because this tutorial will teach you how it is done.

Part one: What is FTP?

    Most web hosts use FTP for uploading. Unless you were to use geocities site builder or uploader. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is a way of uploading a file to the internet using your web browser or an FTP program. An FTP program has many features and options for changing technical things about your website. You can download a free FTP client with a little fewer features than the pay-to-use clients at

Part 2: Uploading files

    In order for people to view your site and its contents, you need to upload your website to the internet. Uploading is the easiest feature in an FTP program. In fancy programs like WS FTP, all you need to do is drag+drop the folder or file into the FTP window from a navigation bar. But in small programs like FTP explorer, you will need to right-click on the FTP window and click upload. It will bring up a "browse" window where you are to select the files you wish to upload, then click the upload button. And just like that, your site is uploaded to the internet. But there are also more things you can do to secure certain pages of our website.

Part 3: Options and features

    There are MANY features of an FTP program that are used mainly for website customization. A few include CHMODDing, Renaming, and directory/sub directory creation.
CHMODDing can be used to protect files and directories so nobody can view them. Instead of getting the file, they will encounter a 403 "Forbidden" error. It is mainly used to set permissions to the file, kind of like Invision Board permissions. You can set it so people can read and write to it, or you can narrow down the permissions so they can't do anything to it. You can CHMODD files in most FTP programs, but unfortunately, not all.
Renaming is used to rename a file mainly if you accidentally called he index file "indxe.php" instead of "index.php". Or if you just wanted to change the name of a file for any reason. You can also rename directories and sub directories.
Directories and subdirectories or basically just folder like you have on your computer to store and organize things. Just about every person I know uses directories and subdirectories for orgainization. An example of a directory is: and an example of a subdirectory is

    All of the above instructions for using an FTP program are basically all a beginner web site creator needs to know for using an FTP program.

Some good FTP programs
Smart FTP
Cute FTP
All of the above have a free 30+ day trial or limited trial edition.

Happy uploading!