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Tutorial - 'Making a Good Tutorial' by skyrider

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A tutorial that will help you construct proper, well-layed out tutorials. If you're not too good at laying out tutorials, or you're finding that your tutorials are not being posted, check this out.


I've seen many, many tutorials that have been poorly written and not layed out in a readable way. This tutorial will hopefully teach you how to make a tutorial that is likely to get posted to Gaming World. (All of mine have ^_^)


Websites aren't the only thing that need layouts. The content should have a nice, readable layout too. You should properly label each individual section of your tutorial in bold, and/or underlined text so that the readers can navigate fast and efficiently throughout the tutorial. You should also use
for beginning a new paragraph. You SHOULDN'T use use multiple colors for words - Just keep it default. :P Also, don't make the whole tutorial in a certain style of text because it becomes really anoying. And the worst thing you could do is use marquees in your tutorial unless it is an HTML tutorial.

Code parsing (coding tutorials)

Along with poorly layed-out tutorials, I have also seen many tutorials about coding and about 90% of the writers (including me sometimes :P) use < and > instead of
in their tutorials and it always gets processed! Using
always fixes that problem.

Grammar and spelling

Grammar is one of the most common mistakes in writing a tutorial. Using abbriviations such as "U" and "O" just dosn't cut it. People like me get very annoyed when people use this type of grammar. You must learn how to spell or in the words of DrFunk, "You have failed at life". Spelling is also a common mistake. You most likely know how to spell, but if you are a horrible typer, use a spell checker. Most document-writing programs have a built-in spell checker. (Except for notepad because it is from the stone age. :P)

In conclusion, I have attempted to teach you how to make a good tutorial from designing it, through fixing the horrible spelling and grammar errors that you always seem to make. =\ I hope that I can read your next tutorial in the future and like it very much. Then you will look back and say, thank you, Skyrider. You have taught me well. *sob* Hope you get your next tutorial posted!