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Tutorial - 'Reputation System' by [LaH]Seth.007

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A tutorial explaining how to give your hero a reputation like in Never Winter Nights.


---------------------------REPUTATION SYSTEM---------------------------
By: [LaH] Seth.007

For those of you that have played Never Winter Nights,
one of the coolest, IMHO (In my Holy [Yes. Holy] Opinion), is that cool
little system that, when you kill a civilian, a gaurd attacks you. And if you
are a cleric human, for example, and must keep good, if you kill enough
innocents you lose the cleric stuff. So it keeps you in line (Or out of it.)

NOTE: This is a VERY hard system to throw into a game.
I suggest you have a NEW one. Also, you can customize the
system to have as many things as you want.

Okay. For this event (I used a new 15X20 map
filled with grass) I put an old man and a soldier.
Page one of old Man:
Leave switches,variables, timers all empty.
Just select a person, then go to coding.
It should resemble this:

<>Message: Kill the old man?
<> Show Choices: Yes/No
<>[Yes] Handler
<> Eek!
<>Variable Oper:[0001:Bad]+ , 10
<>Variable Oper:[0002:Good]- , 5
: [No] Handler
<> Message: Thanks!!

Now, go to the gaurd.. Again, just select a Soldier and
go to the commands. After you finish, it will look like
<> Branch: Var[0001:Bad] is 10
<> Message: I heard about you. Your dead meat!
<>Enemy Encounter: Normal, Plains 1
: Else Handler
<>Message: Good day citizen
: End

Voila! It's that simple. Really nothing to it, but it can really
be a cool implement into your game. You can add Evil, mean,
kind, saint, have all those in it. Just make sure to add that all.
The reason you lose 5 is because it makes it so you can be
neutral. Do even events and you'll be a mercenary or evil man. :)
Feel free to add whatever you need. IF you use it, make
sure to add me in credits. Thanks!