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Tutorial - 'Caterpillar System' by Konstantino

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A short tutorial that shows you how to make caterpillar systems in RM2K with ease!


This tutorial will teach about how to make your party follow you like in Chrono Trigger, instead of them somehow "magically" going inside your main heros body, and appearing in battles or conversations.
How do you do this?Read and you'll see!

You need to know how to use switches, unless your very easy to teach.

First, you need your party, lets just use one party member to follow u. Go to your database, and go to the Hero tab. Make a new hero and call it hero2, or whatever you want. Also make sure you have your main character in the database, and that the Hero that you want to be main is set to be default hero on your System tab. Now click OK.

Now, on the first map that hero2 and main hero meet, make a new event, and call it hero2, or the heros name. Make this event right next to where your hero would be on the teleport event, unless he starts there, then you'd have to make hero2 next to the hero without a teleport event applied to the senario. Make this event have the graphic of hero2, and make its motion set to follow hero. Make it Below Hero (you dont want to get trapped by the second hero at a ditch or dead-end) , make its frequency 8, and speed level 4. Click OK.

This event now follows u on this map, but this map only.
If you do not like making tons and tons of events, you will never get your hero to follow you. Now on all your teleport events that are located on this map, you have to make another event, not just teleport.
This is a change switch command. On this command, make a new switch (press the [...] button) and name is Hero dissapear or something of that sort.

Now go back to your hero following event. Make a new page on this event. Then put a check mark in the first box that says Switch on it, and click the [...] button, and select the switch we made before.
Make the graphic nothing, and the speed nothing. This will be a blank event.

Now you have to make an event on every map that this hero follows u in the same as the one we just made, along with every teleport event that the hero was on, or will teleport in.

This is what we have created!

A hero follows you as you walk the streets of villages, and forests.
Oh!Time to go to a different map!
You enter this new map, and that hero follows you once again!

If you make the hero following event away from the hero on one map because that map has more then one entrance to get to, the hero that follows you wont be right next to you RIGHT away. There is a more advanced way to do this, but this is for beginers.

That's all!
Konstantino out!