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Tutorial - 'Letter Password System for newbies' by Battlemaster

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A tutorial that shows you how to make a password system that uses letters as password entries.


Basically, this system teaches you how to make a "Letter Password System", which allows you to have letter passwords.
You will need:
Knoledge of:
Fork conditions
switch items (optional(
enter hero name that works.
There are 2 methods: Item and event
Make sure your "enter hero name" works. Make a new hero with everything blank. You will use this as the password. Name him "Password"
Make a new event, sprite whatever you want. Have it say a message like "Input Password?". Then have it show choice: Yes/No. If you pick no, have it do nothing. If you pick yes, have it say "Input your password". Then do Enter Hero Name and do it for Password. Then, make a fork condition for each password. Make it IF Password name is (whatever you want the the password to be) then (do whatever you want)
In the else case (stack your fork conditions in the else case like this:
<>IF Password name is ?
<>Bla bla bla
<>If Password name is?
You get the point. In the FINAL else case, put a message "incorrect password". That's it!
Make a new item, Name whatever, description whatever, cost whatever. Make it switch and have it turn on switch [xxxx]password.Make a common event, name password, type autostart, start switch password. Have it do the same thing as the event, but at the end put Switch [xxxx]password OFF
<>Message: Input Password?
<>Show Choice: Yes/No
<>Yes Case
<>Input your password:
<>Enter Hero Name: Password
<>Comment: You can change this part
<>IF Password name is verywimp
<>Message: Used password GAMEOVER!
<>Game Over
<>IF Password name is riches
<>Change Money: +999999
<>IF Password name is awesome
<>Hero Level +50
<>Comment: End editable part
<>Message: Incorrect Code
<>End Case
<>End Case
<>End Case
<>No Case
<>End Case
<>Comment: Item Only
<>Switch: [xxxx]Password OFF