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Tutorial - 'Stopping the "Save Bug"' by Chimera963

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Stop the bug that occurs when you restart your PC and load a saved file.


Hi, Chimera963 here, for my second tut.
I know that a Guest posted a tut like this but it did have some glitches. This tut also explains how to stop the bug occuring when you restart your PC and load the save!

Thankyou Hotdog963al, for pointing out my discovery!

For this tut you need to know:
Control branches
Switch operations

Ok, now in my current game I make save as items. I will be referring to this but if you want, you can edit this to work with save points(it's easy anyway).
Now let's get this hamster in the cage(isn't my wit just so hilarious?)!

First make:
1) Some switches called-
Load system, using save and a switch for every hero in your game(e.g.*hero* is not present)
2) An item called *save* which turns on the *using save* switch.

Now make 2 common events called *saving system* and *loading system* which are both parallel processes. Also make a blank hero called *Enter name* or something.

Scripting the *saving system* event:
First tint the screen completely black(1.0 sec. and wait).
Next, make some control branches say *if hero is on the party, do nothing and in the else case put turn on switch *hero is not present**. Do this for every hero in your game.

Now, remove all heroes in party and add *Enter name*. Now make a message come up saying *Name your save*.
Now use the enter hero name tab for *Enter name*. Next, make it turn off *using save* and turn on *load system* switches. Then open save menu.

Scripting the *loading system* event:
Make this common event so it is activated when *loading system* switch is on. First make it remove *Enter name* from the party and then a control branch saying *If switch *hero is not present* is off, then add the hero to the party* and do this for every hero(don't put anything in the else case). Then make a message come up saying *save has been loaded*. Then tint the screen back to the normal colour and turn off the *load system* switch.

And that is it. Test for bugs all you like, there are NONE!
What do you think? Putting the *load system* in a seperate common event with an activation switch means that it fixes the restart bug. I can't believe nobody figured it out.