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Tutorial - 'Land Vehicles' by Chosen One

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Getting your vehicles to drive on land.


Hello , people!
This is a tutorial that will, (hopefully) teach you how to make one of your vehicles drive on land.The first thing you need to be familiar with is...nothing really,a newbie could do this if he wanted to.

Let's get started!

We're going to need to open up your "database" which can be opened through the "Tool" section at the top toolbar,or can be selected by pressing the little icon at the top that looks like a list.

Once you have the database opened,you're going to need to hit the tab at the top that says,System.Once you see this there should be a whole bunch of options.Now 9/10 of these aren't going to be used in this tutorial.

Look to the top left,you should see three sprite/chara sets that look like vehicles.Hit the "set" button for the ship vehicle (either one can be used except the airship,but we'll use this one for example),and select what you want your Land Vehicle to look like.This isn't nessecary but it would look kind of awkward for a raft to drift across land.

Select the "Terrain" tab at the top.These are what the backrounds for your battles look like,but for some reason this is nessecary for the Land Vehicle as well.Select one of your terrains(the grass one would be a good example).Then look below that picture of your terrain.You should see a few options.

To the left there should be:
Passable by Boat
Passable by Ship
Passable by Airship
Airship landing.

Now if you want your vehicle to pass over land you must check off the box that says "Passable by boat".This means any of your chipsets with this terrain set to it will be passible by your vehicle.

Select the chipset tab.This is where it could get a little bit complicated if you're new.When you select this there should be a picture in the middle and a few options here and there.Select the chipset that you want your vehicle to travel in(let's use the over-world for example).
Then look to the right where it has all your terrain names.Look for your "Grass Terrain",and then look at the number next to it.Remember that number and look at the picture in the middle.

Almost there!
Now look through your chipshet and find any of the little chips that look like grass.
There should be a number on it.Left click to move that number up,right click to move it down.Now you want the number to be the same number as your grass terrain.If you have done this correctly,when you play your game,the ship vehicle should now be able to pass over grass!

If you want your land vehicle to pass over any other terrain such as snow,desert,swamp,ect.,then you must go back to the terrain section and do what you did before to every terrain you want passable and then you must go back to the chipset and set each chip to it's proper terrain.

With this information you should be able to pass over all the land that you couldn't before!Now go and fiddle with your newly found abilities.

If this still hasn't helped you in any way,e-mail me at,
I'll gladly help you with any problems you may have.