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Tutorial - 'Special items' by Arkalit3

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A tutorial on making "special" items


2=What is a Special Item?
3=Creation of Special Items
4=The Correct Way to Get Special Items
This tutorial will explain how you should implement, reward, make, and tell you WHAT to do with a Special Item. I Was going to include this with my Side Quests tutorial but I want to make the SQ Tut really good and I don't have a lot of time. Alright, Lets go!
==P2:What is a Special Item?==
A Special Item is something like, a Really Rare weapon, or the Rune Sword from Lufia 2, Clouds Ultimate weapon from FF7, a Really Rare Magic spell, a medallion that boosts stats! Special Items are something rarely found in RM2k Games. Why? People don't really give them alot of thought. Most people use the default weapons and add a Key or something for a Tower. But Rarely do I see Special Items. Well now that you know what a Special Item is lets get started:
==P3:The guide to Creation of Special Items==
Now, The way to create a GOOD special item is not to make it boost your AGI 5000 and STR 2200, you need to make it in levels, be sensible, something you get in early levels from a side quest/mini-game should boost your str maybe, 2 or 3 and better stuff boosts it more. Be Logical. Like i said, a SI should EVER Boost ANYTHING more then 40 points. and 30-40 is Crazy. Alright, Onto the Next Section!
==P4:The Implementation of Special Items==
You DO NOT Find special items in chests without ever knowing or having an expectation that it would be there. Some Side quests or Mini-Games have a Chest appear at the end of it, or in the Boss Room of the temple where the SQ Sent you to Find the SI. Remember FF7? Barrets ultimate weapon on the stairs up to fight Hojo. NO!! ROAR!! Its ALOT Better to do an SQ or MG in your game to get SI's. And you DON'T Buy SI's in shops. The "Amulets" And stuff you should be able to buy at shops should cost kind of a bit, a little more then the best weapon at the shop or, just be logical, and should award NO Points to stats, They should be things that keep away Poison, Stone and stuff. Those things are called "Relics" or "Accesories" Not Special Items". Alright! Woohoo! Your done!
==P5:The Outroduction==
Woohoo! You now know how to correctly MAKE, and IMPLEMENT Special Items! And Be sure to include them in your game now! Have fun!
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