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Tutorial - 'Semi-Shop' by Revenant

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This uses fork conditions so characters will only sell an item to you only if you have a certain amount of money.


Description: This uses fork conditions socharacters will only sell an item to you only if you have a certain amount of money.

Recommended for: [X] Begginer
[ ] Regular
[ ] Expert


* = Indicates a step is optional

1. Make an event, and make the object anything you want, a person will do fine.

2. Now in the event commands list, make a "show message" event and make it say anything you wish. An example is "Pay me 100 gold and I will heal you."

3. Now make a "Show Choice" event with any choice options you want, but prefferably yes and no choices.

*. In the Yes choice you may put a command to show your party's money. If you want to do this, add "\$" in the Yes choice without the quotation marks and after the word, like this "Yes \$".

4. In the Yes case put a "Fork Condition" and in the "fork conditions" window on the first page, check the "Money" button and set the number to any number and put it on above. Check the "Add Else Case" box also.

5. Now do a "Change Money" event and set it to decrease. Make it take away 100 gold.

6. Put another message to show that it worked and you have enough money to pay the amount. Example message is "Alright, here we go."

*. Show a Battle Animation of your choice. Prefferably "Recovery Magic A" set "Object Character" to Hero and check the "Wait until done" box.

7. Put an event to Recover all members

8. Now in the Else case put a message saying that you don't have enough money, such as "You do not have enough money."

9. In the End case you can choose to leave it blank or put a message like "Come again,"

10. In the No case put another message like "Don't waste my time then!"

That should be it then. Look below to see if you did it correctly.


This is how the screen should look when you are done.

<>Messg:Pay me 100 gold and I will heal you.
<>Show Choice: Yes/No
[Yes] Case
<>FORK Optn: Money 100 abov
<>Change Money: Money 100 Decr.
<>Messg:Alright here we go.
<>Show Battle Anim:Recovery magic A, Hero (W)
<>Recover:All Members - Recovery
<>Messg:You don't have any money.
END Case
<>Messg:Come Again
<>Messg:Don't waste my time then!
END Case


That's all for this tutorial. Hope it helped some way in your game.