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Tutorial - 'Creating A New RPG_RT Icon' by Darius

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Shows you how to create a new RPG_RT icon to replace that little RTP guy that's on the default one.


In this tutorial you will learn how to replace that little RPG_RT.exe file icon from that crappy
little RTP guy to a custom one you can make. First thing you need to do is download 2 things:

Resource Hacker;
and iDraw:

Now, you're ready to begin. Next, you need to make your icon. Use iDraw to make a 16 color
32x32 pixel icon.

Now start up resource hacker and open RPG_RT.exe out of your games folder. There should be 8
folders, but the one you need to open is "Icon". After opening Icon, open folder "1".

There should only be one item there, right click it and choose "Replace Resource" and choose the
file you made for it. Click "Replace" and then click file "Save As" IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT
YOU CHOOSE "SAVE AS" NOT "SAVE". Okay, that said; now click the RPG_RT file that you're editing
and click save. Now click "Yes" on the box that pops up and you're done.

Cool huh? That's it you've got a custom icon. Send any feedback to Only
the following sites have hosting permission for this tutorial:

Thunder Software Network

If you'd like to host this tutorial, email me. I hope it works for ya. L8ah.