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Tutorial - 'Face Sizing in RM2k' by Guest

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A quick little tutorial about getting different sized faces to work in RPG Maker 2000. Great for a workaround.



Note:Sorry if someone has posted these methods before.. I think they are kinda obvious,
so who knows..
This tutorial is going to help you fit your faces into the rm2k template without resizing.
This is for those faces like Final Fantasy Tactics:Advance.
Note2: IF!! you are using very very large faces, like the ones you see in Final Fantasy
Tactics Advance, make sure you sketch skew them 50% before doing any of the steps!

1-The empty box method

Step 1: Open two paints. One contains the faces. The other contains the face template.
Step 2: Copy one of the face template's face slots. The face slot is where you put your
Step 3: Paste them onto the first paint, the one with the faces. Draw a black box around
the face slot.
Step 4: Fill the inside with white.
Step 5: Drag the now white black lining face slot (making sure white is transparent) over
the face, where you want it centered.
Step 6: Erase the black lining.
Step 7: Copy the face that was inside where the black lining used to be.
Step 8: Copy it over to the face template, into one of the slots.

Overall: Very easy.

2-The always centered-same spot method

Step 1: Open three paints. One contains the faces, the other two contain the face
Step 2: Copy one of the faces onto the second template, on the third row,
even if it ends up overlapping.
Step 3: Choose the rectangle option, and make it the whole color option. (The whole
color option is the one that produces rectangles that are filled in)
Step 4: Go to the squares that are overlapped. Drag the box over the overlapped parts.

| ___ | ___ | ___ |
| ooo | ___ | ___ |
| ooo | ___ | ___ |

O is the face. It overlaps the face above it.
This is what happens when you take the box option
and drag over it, covering the overlapping parts:

| ___ | ___ | ___ |
| ___ | ___ | ___ |
| ooo | ___ | ___ |

A face in it's spot, where it is supposed to be. It's a miracle..

Step 5:Copy the face and paste it onto the third paint, the one
with the template. And you're done!

Overall:Time consuming, but the only reason you may want to do this
is to get the faces centered on the same spot.

3-The box method

Like method two only faster :)

Step 1: Open three paints. One contains the faces, the other two contain the face
Step 2: Take the face you want to use and paste it onto the second paint,
on the third row, once again.
Step 3: Copy one of the not-overlapped face slots and place it over where the
overlapped one used to be. (Make sure that this one only stays on top of the
overlapped one, not onto other slots)
Step 4: After doing that to every part that is overlapped, you shall received
a contained face. Copy it over into the third paint's template, and you are

Overall:You should use this instead of two, but if your paint has a tendancy
to past things in the wrong place, mabye you shouldn't use this method..

Note from Rowain: if this is yours, tell me!