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Tutorial - 'GTA-Style Clock' by Guest

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Ever want to add that Majora's Mask/GTA-type clock to your game but do not know how? This simple tutorial will show you!


GTA Style Clock

Ok so GTA doesn’t fit in with RPG Maker but it does contain a clock, which I have been able to include in my game.

You will need: Two common evens, 2 variables and 24 pictures of a clock (1 picture for each hour, mines digital and midnight is represented as 00:00)

The following tutorial is based on an 8-minute (real time) day. Each hour lasts 20 seconds. Lets assume you have created your pictures of the clock for already. Just make two or three to begin with to use as a test. I have called my pictures 00, 01, 02 etc.

Open up the common events tab in the database and create a new parallel process event. Begin a loop or cycle then type in the following code.

<>Wait 1 sec
<>Var Oper [0001: Mins] +1
<>branch if Var [0001: Mins ] is 20
<>Var Oper [0001: Mins] set 0
<>Var Oper [0002: Hours] +1
<>branch if Var [0002: Hours ] is 24
<>Var Oper [0002: Hours] set 0

This sets two variables similar to the clock system you may have seen on other tutorials.

Now open up another common event, again a parallel process. And enter this code.

<>branch if Var [0001: Hours ] is 0
Show picture 1, 00 (300, 10)
Wait 0.01 sec
<>branch if Var [0001: Hours ] is 1
Show picture 1, 01 (300, 10)
Wait 0.01 sec

and copy this all the way down until you get to 23

<>branch if Var [0001: Hours ] is 23
Show picture 1, 23 (300, 10)
Wait 0.01 sec

And that’s it. Any comments or problems please e-mail me at