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Tutorial - 'Contests' by Bolt

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An easy tutorial about using random numbers to make certain "contests" that your hero/party member has X chance of winning.


This little tut is how to spice up your game with contests.

Archery Tutorial-This is basically for your game's archer.
When you are making the archer's battle commands, make one "Aim". Now, in every battle, make "Aim" raise the variable "Archery Skill" by any amount you desire and cut off some of the enemy's HP.

Now make a place for the archers to meet and compete (Hey that rhymes!) In that, make a greeter check to see if an archer is in your party. If there is one, you are allowed in. The archer heads into the room and starts to compete. The other characters merely stand around.

This is how you decide what he ranks!
If the variable of "Archery Skill" is lower than [a very low number]
Change Variable "Did he Win" to 1-10
If Variable "Did he Win" is less than 2
"Yes! I won!"
"What did you get!?"
Change Variable "1,2,3" to 1-3
If Variable "1,2,3" is 1
"I got first place!"
If Variable "1,2,3" is 2
"Second Place!"
If Variable "1,2,3" is 3
"Third Place!"
I lost..

Note:Don't forget to create new forks for if Archery Skill is higher than a really, really, really, low number.
You could also add an awards system to this, try to customize it to your liking. That's basically how you do any comat-oriented system, only adjust it (Like for Black Mages, make it "Focus", and for Fighters, Build Up)However, if it's beauty, that's one whole other thing,

Make a place where the girl (or boy) in your party might want to go. Make a Spa, a Barbershop, and a Beauty Store.

All these places raise that person's "Beauty". However, the SPA gives more beauty but costs more, the Barbershop gives out random prices (Create another variable) and the Beauty Store is cheapest but gives out the lowest beauty points.
Also make battles lower beauty points. Now, make a contest.
In this contest, choose who you want to enter. Now make that person lose all of the other members and change into a fashionable outfit (Or whatever you want). Now, when they go on stage, the judges will put down how much beauty she has, and add it to "The Score". She will also be asked questions, like the traditional question, "If you were Miss"Whatever" what would you do?" Have them add points and subtract points for the wrong answer. Now you can create variables like the one above, or create an awards program,
where if you score in a certain place, you'll get a certain item.

You can do this for any non battle-oriented contests, including highest IQ, and many other things.

This tut by Bolt.. I hope you can make use of it.