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Tutorial - 'Steal Command For Default Battle System' by Darius

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Easy way to make a steal skill in the RM2k DBS.


Yes, it is possible, and no, it's not hard, here's how to create stealing skills in RM2k with the
default battle system.

Go to the database (F8) and go to the skills tab. Create a new skill and call it steal. Make it
a switch and have the switch called "Steal On". Make it whatever MP cost and description and all
that whatever you want.

Now, once you're done with that skill, and have made the switch, go to the monsters party section
and look to the bottom right in battle commands.

In the battle commands put a new variable, make it random between 1 and 3. Now, after you've
done that, make a fork option. Now, here's where you decide, is it going to be a 2/3 chance to
successfully steal, or a 1/3 chance? IF it will be a 2/3 chance make the fork option like this:

<>FORK Optn varbl:[####:Your Variable]2,above
<>Add Item: Potion
<>Mssg: "Stole Potion!"
:Else case
<>Mssg: "You Couldn't Steal!"
:End case

HOWEVER!!! If you're going to have it a 1/3 chance, make it like this:

<>FORK Optn varbl:[####:Your Variable]1,same
<>Add Item: Potion
<>Mssg: "Stole Potion!"
:Else case
<>Mssg: "You Couldn't Steal!"
:End case

There you go, that's it. Easy huh? You don't have to use potion, I just used that for the sake
of argument and the fact that it's a well known RPG item. For any questions comments or insults
email me: Only the the sites listed below have hosting rights;

Thunder Software Network

If you would like to host this tutorial, email me. That's it, thanks for reading and I hope this
helped you in your game.