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Tutorial - 'Make your own weapons!' by CrazyRob

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A very detailed and complex tutorial by CrazyRob that shows how to make a weapon-forging system where you can visits smiths to add attributes, such as "Silence Strike" or "Attack Power +10", to your basic weapons.


How To Do It
By CrazyRob, Rm2k3 Acolyte

(NOTE: This was done at 4:00 am. bear with me.)

Okay, so you wanna be a Sword Of Mana copier, eh? Well, we can do that. This’ll take a lot of effort, but don’t worry: Nothing complex like CMS or bargaining with the devil.

First, we need 16 variables and 24+ items to help us forge these weapons of yours. Also, consider clicking the “Set Equipment” option on your hero, to make this simpler.

Var. 1: Strike (Attack)
2: Hardness (Defense)
3: Handling (Speed)
4: Arcane (Magic)
5: Strike Level
6: Hard Level
7: Handle Level
8: Arcane Level
9: Improvement Desired
10: Cost
11: Weapon Level
12: Gold Have
13: Strike Limiter
14: Hard Limiter
15: Handle Limiter
16: Arcane Limiter

(NOTE: You’ll need an additional copy of Vars. 1-8 and 11 for each weapon genre. Sorry!)

1. Diamond Dust-Sharpness
2. Tortoise Humor- Hardness
3. Feather Stone- Handling
4. Dragon’s Tear- Arcane
5. Rogue Soul- First Attack
6. Berserker Soul- 2x Attack
7. Avenger Soul- Attack All
8. Hunter Soul- Ignore Evade
9. Bloodthirst Soul- Add +10% Critical
10. Flame Gemdust- Add Fire
11. Frost Gemdust- Add Ice
12. Water Gemdust- Add Water
13. Gaia Gemdust- Add Earth
14. Bolt Gemdust- Add Thunder
15. Sky Gemdust- Add Wind
16. Shade Gemdust- Add Dark
17. Saint Gemdust- Add Holy
18. Poison Fang- Add Poison Status
19. Night Ink- Add Blind Status
20. Mime’s Script- Add Silence Status
21. Cockatrice Tear- Add Stone Status
22. Delirium Clock- Add Confuse Status
23. Pain Needle- Add Berserk Status
24. Nightmare Wisp- Add Sleep Status

Okay, now it gets a little difficult. Time to make the actual system.

<>Blacksmith: Welcome. We can refine your shortsword here. What would you like to do?
<>SHOW CHOICES: Improve Sharpness/Improve Hardness/Improve Handling/Improve Arcane (Cancel Button Option)
<>Improve Sharpness Handler
Branch: If Diamond Dust Have
Variable Oper.: Set v10:Cost to Weapon Level
Variable Oper: Cost x 1000
Variable Oper: Cost +1000
Blacksmith: Well, you have the goods. At this level, it’ll cost you
/V[(Cost)] to improve it. Okay?
Show Choice: Yes/No
<>Yes Handler:
Variable Oper: Set 12: Goldhave to Money had
Branch: If V12 is greater than or equal to V10
Variable Oper: V1(Strike) +5
Blacksmith: There ya go! All finished!
Deduct Gold: by V: Cost
Deduct Item: Diamond Dust 1
Var Oper: V11+ 1
Var Oper: V5 +1
Var. Oper Cost to 0
Var. Oper: Improvement Desire to 0

You need to do a separate fork for each of the attribute desires, of course. This is just shortened for time’s sake.

Now, for the more powerful upgrades, maybe go to a different blacksmith, say, an elf or ancient dwarf. In this case, a creepy wizard.

<>Blacksmith2: Ah, welcome, child… heh heh… I see you have
a shortsword…
Branch: If V11 is greater than or equal to 5
<>Hmm… it looks as if you’ve spent quite some time on it, my friend…
Perhaps you’d be interested in an upgrade…?
Show Choice: Yes/No
<>Label 1
Show Choices: First Strike/2x Strike/Strike All/Next Page
(For the next page option, make 3 choices, Ignore Evade/+10% Critical/First Page, with First Page option being Jump: label 1)
For speed sake, let’s say 2x Strike.
<>2x Strike Case:
Branch: If Berserker Soul Have
<>Well, you have the goods… hee hee hee… it’ll cost 2000 gold
to upgrade it, then.
<>But once I do, the effect can’t be changed. Okay?
Yes Case:
<>If Gold is at Least 2000
Heh heh heh… all done…
Deduct Item: Berserker Soul
Deduct Gold: 2000

Now, we need to make a weapon for the upgrade. A Swift Blade, with 2x Strike added, as well as Shortsword’s original power. (Don’t worry about the forging addons yet, we’ll get to that.)
Remove Equipment: Shortsword
Deduct Item: Shortsword
Add Equipment: Swift Blade
The Shortsword became a Swift Blade!

Keep doing this, increasing the level and gold requirement for the elemental and status upgrades. Basically, you’re going to have to base all your weapons on this, for space in your database.

You should probably give names to the different combos of weapons makable by this system, like
Shortsword>2x Strike= Swift Blade> Holy Elemental= Justice Rebirth> Poison Status= Divine Judgement

Or, for a spear…

Iron Spear> Ignore Evade= Heartseeker> Earth Elemental= Tremor Lance> Stone Status> Balisik Tooth.

Now for the common event that will add all the forge addons into your weapon… you did check “Set Equipment”, right?
Make a parallel process common event, using a switch that stays on all the time in your game. That way, whenever your weapon increases, so will your power.

Fork: If V1 is greater than v13
<>Hero Increase Attack by 5
Variable Oper: Increase v13 by 5 (This prevents additional bonuses from being added for one upgrade.)

Repeat this for the other three attributes, as well.

And that should do it. If you have any problems, email me at And remember, this was done pretty late, so be patient.