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Tutorial - 'Alternative Magic-Learning System' by Guest

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A newbie tutorial about letting your party discover magic from chests instead of learning them on level-up.


Hey, I'm a guest, and I used this magic learning system in one of my games. It's better used with less characters because then you'd have to create a fork for every character (if they are in the party). Anyways, it basically is just a chest you might find in a forest, when you open it, it explains there's magic in it (Don't forget to include WHY magic is in it in he beginning of the game) and goes through this:

Note:In this example, I am only using three characters and two of them have joined

<>Message:A magic aura floats from the box
<>Message:Teach -Spell- to who?
<>Fork:If Hero3 is in the party-
<>Choice: Hero 1/Hero 2/Hero 3
<>Else Condition

-And basically, whatever hero is chosen, that hero learns the spell, and you activate a switch that makes it so that the chest can't be activated again.Also do not forget to create a new fork condition if the character knows the spell already if you are going to have multiple spell chests.

Now I do have a way for you to implement many characters into the system. (However, it does not work with Character-Swapping games like FF6.There is only one way, which I will explain below)

1.Every time an event comes up where the party is required to split up, have a switch activated for that scenario and when the new party comes upon a chest, you can entire a message on a new page instead of using lots of forks.

2.(For FF6 Character systems and such) You may have to not let the player get to choose who's on the team 100%. Instead split the characters into groups, therefore you'll always be able to turn off/on the right switches for the right message.