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Tutorial - 'Spiffy Equippy: Part Two' by Mike

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The second part of Mike(kuul)'s "spiffy" level-up tutorial that covers a system where you have to go to a blacksmith for level-ups (if you have enough experience, of course). Read the forgottten first part of his tutorial HERE.


Yes yes, the tutorial is very late. To be honest, it slipped my mind. ^_^;;

Ok, well it is advised that you read part one. This tutorial is more of an add-on to it. It changes the levelling system to a charging system, so that once the EXP or what will be called Power in this example, reaches the set point, you will be required to go to a blacksmith or scared place to unleash its power and upgrade it to the next level.

So, before you read this, please read the other tutorial, implement it, and read on!!!
(And no, I’m not being lazy…well, maybe just a little bit. o_o;;)

Changing your ways

Ok, this is very simple. Open up the common event that deals with the levelling of the weapon (In the example shown, a sword). Notice that once the level 1 sword reaches 100 EXP; it levels up, level 2 at 200 EXP and so on. Well, we want to stop that from happening. Now this might be shocking but, DELETE THE PART THAT SWITCHES THE WEAPON FROM THE CURRENT LEVEL TO THE NEXT LEVEL. In other words, take out the switch changes that set it to level 2 or 2 and so on and remove the item switching part(Add item Sword “next level”, remove Sword “current level”). Got it?

Now, the next step is to make a different message appear. So edit the current message(which, in the example was “Your sword becomes stronger as it gains a level.”) and change it to something like: “Your sword has become charged with power. Visit a blacksmith to upgrade it.”. Remember, these lines are completely optional, it is your game.

Now, you need to stop this event from repeating itself. So, ‘change switch’ “Sword 1” to OFF. And, so the blacksmith will work, ‘change switch’ “upgrade1” to ON.

Next up, stopping it from gaining any more EXP/Power once it is fully charged. This just needs a switch, possibly called “full charge” to be turned on when it is fully charged. To do this, place a ‘Change Switch’ command into the code that tells the user that it is charged. Make it switch to ON and then all you need is to edit the EXP gain event.

Slime Swap

I know, the topic headings are lame. u_u

Open up the event editor for the slime that starts the battle. Remember the victory case? Well, just add in a ‘Fork Condition’ to it. Right before the command that says:

Change EXP: All Members EXP 1 Decr.

See it? Well, that’s where you need to start the ‘Fork Condition’.
The condition is, simply, if Switch “fully charged” is ON. Also, this should have an ELSE case so that if the switch is not on, i.e. the sword is not charged, the usual EXP gain will happen. Also, for those who haven’t noticed the point I just stated, copy the original EXP gain code into the ELSE case area. Now, for the “if switch is ON” part, just show a message like “Your weapon is fully charged so it gains no EXP.” This stops any more EXP being added and also reminds the player that they should be upgrading it. To make things more dramatic, you could add in an explosion battle animation or something.

Let’s lighten the mood a little with a joke. Think of it as a break:

Question: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Answer: To get to the other side HOHO!

Ok, that was lame. Let’s move on…

So far you should have set up the EXP gain stop and set up the notice that it is charged. All that is left is to add in the blacksmith.

NIGGARSMITH….I mean Blacksmith

…I have got to make up better headings next time.

Ok, create an event. Call it “Blacksmith” OMG REALLY? Sorry, sarcasm….

In this example, we will need three pages. On the first page, make it show message “Your sword is not strong enough” with no conditions (i.e. no need for a switch or variable etc). Sound easy so far doesn’t it? Well here comes the torture…Just kidding.

On the second page, make it activate on the condition that switch “upgrade1” is ON. This is so when the sword is fully charged, it is only the first upgrade being used. I’m sure there is a better way to do this and if you happen to stumble upon it, go ahead and use it. This is the way I set my code out, at 12:42am(That’s late in the night for the confused and retarded).

Now, a Spoon...I mean ‘Fork Condition’ is needed. The conditions for this are, if switch “fully charged” is ON. Now, remember that code I told you to delete earlier? Well, put that in here. E.g. Remove Equipment, add Sword 2 equipment etc. You can also add in a message that says “Your sword has been upgraded to level 2!!! AREN’T YOU SUCH A BADA**!” or something along those lines. Also, you will need to reset a few switches. Changed switch “fully charged” to OFF and switch “upgrade1” to OFF.

On page three, copy page two and edit the necessary coding. You can obtain some of the changed from the first part or Spiffy Equippy, the rest is pretty obvious. What? I’m tired…Ok fine…

Instead of switch “upgrade1”, this should be “upgrade2”.

Happy? Good. Now, can we move on?

Make any other changes in the code that should be made, for example, the sword level 2 to sword level 3 etc.

Let’s test this damn thing

Follow the same tests as the last part, but this time go to the blacksmith to upgrade your weapon when it is ready. Simple.

I return after an hour…

After an hour, I decided to check over this. I just realised that it is a bunch of crap. o_o;;

The “fully charged” switch is useless as the “upgradex” switch can just be used. But, this is a good example of how some switches used in systems, are pointless so if you have been carrying this out, I bet you are really mad at me now. Next time you come across something like this, you will spot the useless switches. u_u

Thoughts: Man I’m good, they didn’t even think that I actually screwed up because I am so damn tired…


Yeah, the credits.

Thanks to:
Me, for writing this.(I got to give myself something)
You, for reading this and for, once again, putting up with my rubbish.
This PC for not crashing, it has been messing up lately.
The people who commented on the other instalment, thanks.
And thanks to Viola, for laughing at me when I said I need to write this because it has been a long time, that made me even more determined to do this.


I will not be making the promised “third instalment”. Why you may ask? Well, it is pretty obvious that it would be pointless. Everything you need to know for it is included in the first two instalments. You just need to tweak the code to what you need. ^_^;;

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