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Tutorial - 'Sharing Games Without RTP Installed' by Darius

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Shows how to share your games without having to have people pre-install RTP.


Okay, this is not very hard and it makes it so that you don't have to have RTP installed on your
computer before playing an RM2k game.

First thing you do is copy the file Harmony.dll into your game's folder. Then, open the file
RPG_RT.ini and add this line into it:


This makes it so that the computer (and game) thinks that RTP is installed without affecting your
game and you can run it just fine as long as you DO NOT use any files out of the RTP folder.
Next just zip your game's folder or use an install maker to extract your game's folder.

If you would like to use the disk maker included in RM2k just use the cheapy way of removing all
files in the RTP folder while choosing files to add, but leave the directory itself.

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Okay, that's it I hope this works for all of you in decreasing your game's size.