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Tutorial - 'Inuyasha-Style Limit Break' by Nightmare [{()}]

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Despite what the title says, this is a nice tutorial about adding general limit breaks to your game.


Inuyasha Style Limit break (very easy)
This is my first tutorial so please bare with me.

If you watch Inuyasha (especially last saturday's) you should have an idea where i'm going with this,if not this is what an Inuyasha Limit break is:This limit break is based on the amount of swings you take,
in the current episode of inuyasha, the star (inuyasha,duh) was weilding a heavier version of a sword made out of his father's tooth,the Tetsuiga, now becuase of its great weight it was hard for Inuyasha to use it let alone unleash his special technuiqe:The Wind Scar Slash & Back Lash Wave, but while fighting a powerful dragon that even Inu's father couldn't beat his sword began to become lighter, & he was able to invoke the wind scar slash anytime he wanted (he can use the back lash wave too but he only used it once so i guess it's gonna take time for him to master that) & this tutorial will explain how to invoke the wind scar,except like limit breaks after using it once you go back to your original set of attacks until you swing enough times to invoke the wind scar again.
Ok onto the Tut! (By the way as an example lets say the main hero in your game is Inuyasha)

Need to be familiar with:
Common Events,
& battle commands.

O.k first is first,were gonna start with the conditions tab.
1.Open RPG Maker 2k3, click F8 (or click on the little chart on the top of the rpgm2k3 screen) to enter your
2.Now click on a tab that says Conditions on it (the tabs are the list of stuff at the top of the screen in the database). on Array size & set the array size 1 higher than the number already inside (example:if the array size is 8 set it to 9)
4.Name the the new blank slot WindScar (no spaces)
5.Set the animation at the bottom to the number 1
6.Set base statistic alteration to "none"
7.Set priority (at the top next to color) to 1
8.Set hit percentage to 100%
9.Set Action restriction to "no restriction"
10.In recovery tab set the condition number to 1 so it says "condition always abates after 1 turns"
11.Set the chance of recovery to 100% so it says "100% chance of recovery each turn."
12.Set the recovery from physical damage to "0"
13.Set hp recovery to "none"
14.Set mp recovery to "none"
Done with that!
now onto common events.
1.Click on the tab that says "Common Events" on it
2.Click on the first available/open/empty slot.
3.Name it Inu's Limit list & set it it as a Call under the trigger box.
4.Click on the "<>" in the big white box of Inu's limit list to open the Event commands.
5.Go to page 4 & choose "change battle commands"
6.In the hero drop list set it on "Inuyasha", in the Command drop list set it on "(All)"
& the choose "remove" in the "add/remove" section under the command list.
7.Now right under that put another change battle commands & add "WindScar"or whatever you put in the battle layout list.
8.Now besides the attack command use change battle commands to add all the list of moves your character had before
For Example,this is my attack list:
So your event information in Inu's Limit list SHOULD look like this (using my list of attacks as example)
<>Change Cond:Inuyasha WindScar Inflict
<>Change Battle Commands:Inuyasha All Remove
<>Change Battle Commands:Inuyasha Magic Add
<>Change Battle Commands:Inuyasha Summon Add
<>Change Battle Commands:Inuyasha Defend Add
<>Change Battle Commands:Inuyasha Item Add
<>Change Battle Commands:Inuyasha Escape Add
O.k so thats it for Inu's limit list.
Now in about the open slot (if there is one) under Inu's limit list.
1.Name it Inu's basic list,make it a call under the trigger box.
2.Now go back up to Inu's limit list, right click on "change cond:inuyasha windscar inflict" & choose "select all"
3.Once everythings highlighted in blue right click somewhere on the blue again & choose "Copy"
4.Go to Inu's basice list & right click on the only "<>" in the big white box.
5.Once you right click it choose "paste" that you've pasted everything go to "change cond" in inu's basic list,right click & choose delete.
7.Now right click on "change battle commands:Inuyasha Windscar add" & choose "edit"
8.after the battle command choices come up choose the Command drop list & choose Attack instead of "windscar" (make sure its on add)
Now thats done to,thats it for common events,click on "Apply" at the bottom of the screen so we can move onto the final phase of this
easy booty work
1.Go click on the M.groups tabs,click on the array size & increase the slots by 1,name the new slot "testing my limits"
2.In battle commands, click the "..." next to the white box in trigger.
3.Look at the bottom of the new screen that popped up & click on the white square next to the word hero (the second hero in the list not the first).
4.Choose Inuyasha in the top drop list & Attack in the bottom drop list.
5.Click on the <> in the big white box in battle events now.
6.Click on Variable operations
7.Next to "Single variable" click on the "..."
8.when the new screen pops up click on an open slot & type a name into the name box (name it Limit_Inu)
9.Click apply & then o.k to return to original variables window.
10.Under the operations box click on "add"
11.under the operand box click on "number" & put the number 1 in where the 0 is.
in the end it should look like this.
Trigger: [Inuyasha] uses the [Attack] command
<>Variable Oper:[xxxx:Limit_Inu] +,1

(note:xxxx = the id number you typed Limit_Inu into like 0001)
1.Now click on new page,a tab with the number 2 should appear, click it.
2.In the trigger click the "..." again
3.Click ont he white box next to the word variable
4.Click on "..." & choose "Limit_Inu" the click o.k to the words "is above" put a number, for example lets put 15 on the <> in the big white box again & when the new window pops up
choose "call common event" & choose "Inu's limit list" new page & a tab with the number 3 should come up,click it.

1. click "..." next to trigger,once the new window pops up check the white boxes next to both the hero(s)
2.In the first hero box you checked, set the hero to Inuyasha,under the name inuyasha put a 1 in the first & second box. the second hero box you checked,set the hero to Inuyasha &,under the name inuyasha choose windscar in the drop down list then click o.k when your done with that. on the <> in the white box & when the window opens go to "change character condition" choose Inuyasha in "specific character" then choose o.k on the <> in the white box under the change condition event & when the new window opens, choose "variable operations" singe variable set it "Limit_inu",in operation set it to "set equal", & in operand set it to "0" in "number" & choose o.k. on the <> under the the variable operation you just did & when the new window opens up choose call common event & choose "Inu's basic list"

there! now what ALL that crap does is when Inuyasha swings 15 times his Attack will change to limit (or atleast look like it did) & you will know inuyasha's limit is ready becuase his condition will change to windscar when he's ready.once you invoke the wind scar the your limit will revert back to Attack.
ALl thats left now is to go into animations,make a kickass animation for the limit,go to skills name the skill choose the skill you made in "battle animation" & set it to "WindScar" in the drop list under Type.

hope it wasn't too confusing, ENJOY!!!