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Tutorial - 'The 'Loading Game' Tutorial' by wizzzzzz

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A tutorial that explains a very interesting system where some parts of your game (like one-time newbie's tutorials) can only be accessed through a saved entry that the player can easily erase over.


The 'Loading Game' Tutorial, by RPG Wizard

This tutorial will simply teach you how to let users select load game fro(e.g. cut scene, movie, tutorial, etc.) that actually can't be reached in your game. this tutorial is relatively simple to follow, m the title screen, so that they can load a part of your game but it may not have been thought before.

1. Create a map for a movie, a tutorial, and so on. However, do not make the events Auto Start yet. Allow your hero to move freely and be able to access the menu and such. Now also place a starting party position.

2. Now test play your game, and press Esc to access the menu and save game. On to the first slot, preferably.

3. Now, remove the party starting position, and make the events you want to happen Auto Start again.

4. Place a new party starting position elsewhere so the game can be play normally.

5. You're done!

If all this was too confusing for you, here's how I did it in my game:

* Players have the option to run a 'tutorial' if this is their first time playing it. I have stated this in the readme file and you should also as people may not be aware of this (unless the character's name is Tutorial or something, then people might know).

* Players can select load game and select the tutorial saved file.

* They will be tought how to play the game, with just a guy sitting on the middle and explaining things.

* After everything is done the player is returned to the title screen to begin a new game.

Easy as that! Good luck and if there is anything you need help in leave a comment.