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Tutorial - 'Guide to Simple Reputation' by Andy

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A newbie friendly tutorial that shows the basics for making a reputation system.


Hey, this is my first tutorial, Its an update [LaH] Seth.007's version of repuation. Firstly create Monster, call him Homeless guy. Configure his stats )prefably make him weak and trying 2 defend or runaway. Then add him to his own Monster party. With a name obviously lol. Now then, Open up a map you wish to add this guy to. And make a new event.
Choose graphic and then now for the system.

<> message: Any Spare change Mr?
<> Show Choices: Yes/No/ No ill kill you instead!
: [yes] Handler
<> Change Money: 10 Remove
<> Message: Thank You Mr.
<> Variable Operation [Good] +10
<> Variable Operation [Bad] -5
<> Message: You Reputation at present is now.
: Bad: \v[Number of Bad Variable]
: Good: \v[Number of good Variable]
[No] Handler
<> Message: Ok, er Thanks anyway.
:[No ill just kill you instead] Handler
<> Enemy Encounter (start Battle): Normal, Homless, Plains
<> (If you want you can show a battle Animation to make it look like he died)
<> Move Event: This event, Change Graphic (You might not need this)
<> Variable Operation: [Bad] +10
<> Variable Operation: {Good] -5
<> Message: You Reputation at present is now.
: Bad: \v[Number of Bad Variable]
: Good: \v[Number of good Variable]
<> Switch Operation: [Die] ON
: End

Now that, you have done that, make a new page (page 2) and make it that the
switch [Die] is on (under Preconditions on the left hand side of event Editor)
You can either make event graphic for bloody Terrain or you can just leave it blank.
Now that this is done you can test it and hopefully it works if you have done it right.

Reputation can add realism into your game. For example you can make it so that if you
have a bad reputation People won't talk to you and Certain shop Keeper won't let you
enter their shops. Guards can attack you on sight etc. But then if you have a good
reputation then. It will be completely the opposite. If you know what im getting at.

Enjoy Andy (note) this is just an update of [LaH] Seth.007's version)

I am currently working on line of sight so that if a guard sees you and your bad reputation is high he will attack you.