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Tutorial - 'Easiest Catepillar Tutorial' by Andy

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Are you a newbie who wants to add a catepillar system but couldn't understand the complex commands used in other tutorials? Well, this tutorial is for you!


This is so easy that even noobs will not stuggle, it requires only common sense. And it works with 100% no lag so it is very smooth. (my second tutorial)

1) Make event. Choose Graphic. Make it parallel Process. Same Layer as Hero. Then make the movement type toward Hero at a speed of 8. (now i know you think hell go to fast but now this is the magic part.
2) Now for 1 piece of code:
<> Move Event: This Event, Face Hero, Move Toward Hero

And now youre done, thats it. So simple. There is only one thing wrong with this is that Your character can get stuck if he walks into a tight space with the character right behind him.

Hope you enjoy: Andy