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Tutorial - 'The Best Save System' by Chimera963

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A nice tutorial by Chimera963 that shows how to make a customized save system where you can name save slots, etc.


Hi, it's Chimera 963 again. I know I have already made a tut about this but I know that tons of you didn't understand it and other stuff so I am rewriting it for you all.(Oh you lucky people)

This tutorial will show you how to make a save system where you use an item to call the save system(i'm using items but you can make savepoints is you like). It also allows you to name the save slot you use. It also memorises your current party of heroes so no bugs occur. This tut is NOT for newbies.

For this tut you must understand:
Control branch
Switch operations
Enter hero name
Party add/remove

Ok let's get down to business.
Make some switches called - Saving - Loading - hero is on team(make one of these for every hero in your game) -

Now make a new item with type: switch. Make it only be used on field map and call it "Save item" for now(change it later). Make this item turn of the "saving" switch.

Now for the saving system. Make a common event that is parralel process. Call it "Save system". Make it tint the screen completely black and then make a control branch. This branch must say "If Hero is in party then turn on 'hero is in team' switch and if he is not in the party, turn the switch off. Now you must make this branch again for every hero in your game(put it directly after the other branch, not in the 'else case'!)

Now we need to take a break from the "Save system" and make a new hero. Call him "Enter name" and do nothing else. Now go back to "Save system".

At the bottom of everything you have done so far, remove all party members in your game. Now, add party member "Enter name". Then make a message come up saying "Please name your save slot". Then insert Enter Hero Name. Then make it turn off the "Saving" switch and turn the "loading" switch on. And then insert, open save menu.

Now make a new parralel process common event called "Loading system". First make it Remove "Enter Name" hero and then make a control branch. It must say: If "Hero is on team" switch is ON then add "Hero" to team, then remove "Hero" in the ELSE CASE. Do this for every Hero in your game. That is what memorises your party. Then make a message say(directly after, not in the ELSE CASE), "Your save has been loaded". Then make it tint the screen to it's normal colours and turn the "loading" switch off.

And that is as easy I can explain it. I hope you have fun with this saving system. And by the way, when you reboot your PC your save will load correctly and not bug up.
I hope this is useful.