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Tutorial - 'Easy Action CBS' by Darius

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An easy wat to create a Zelda style CBS in your game.


This is actually not a very hard CBS, though if you don't know about variables I suggest you
learn first. Please keep in mind, this tutorial was designed for those who do not know much
advanced RM2k programming so it is made for ease.
Well, that's about it for skills needed so here we go.

Okay, first make an event with the graphic as an enemy. Call the event whatever the enemy is
called, for lack of confusion in this tutorial it will be refered to as "Monster". Make three
pages on the event.

Have the page conditions as follows; Page 1: On Hero Touch, Page 2: Push Key, Page 3: Parralell

Pages 1 and 2 need to have the same graphic but page 3 must be a blank graphic.

On event page 1; make the commands as follows:

<>Wait 0.5 sec (This is optional, it just makes it so that the player has time to attack.)
<>Variable Ch:[####:Hero HP]-,# (this number would be however much HP the enemies attack takes.)
<>FORK Optn varbl:[####:Hero HP]1,less (If HP goes to 0...)
<>Return To Title (... Game over.)

On page 2 make the commands:

<>Variable Ch:[####:Monster HP]-,# (this number would be however much HP the hero's attack is.)
<>FORK Optn varbl:[####:Monster HP]1,less (If monsters HP goes to 0...)
<>Change Switch[####:Monster Dead]ON (...turn this switch on.)

Now for the last page, make the event conditions to the left a switch, Monster Dead: ON. Now set
its level to below hero with no commands, and remember, blank graphic.

Now, to show the hero's HP in a message, just make it say: "HP - \v(insert the number of the
variable "Hero HP" here.)

OR: You can do a meter with events. In order to make your meter make a common event called HP
Meter. Make it parrallel process and make it triggered by Hero HP. Now for EVERY step you want
(I.E: IF max HP is 100: Make a full bar for 100, a 3/4 full for 75 and so on...) If your hero
levels up, and his HP changes, make one of these for each of his levels. Now make a show picture
of the meter you made with fork options like this:

<>FORK Optin varbl[####:Hero HP]100,same
<>Show Picture:1, [HP 100 Lvl 1]
:End case

Use this same thing with all your HP levels. And use the same basic coding for all Battle levels
your hero can change.

Any questions, comments, or feedback can be sent to Only these sites have
permission to host this tutorial, if it is on a site not listed below, please email me. Thanx.

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