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Tutorial - 'DDR Mini-game' by Task

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An interesting tutorial covering the steps necessary for a Dance mini-game.


Alright, bear with my, this is my first tutorial, and as you can tell its also a first of its kind..atleast here for gw. But this is a DDR(for those that dont know its dance dance revolution)

Things you need to know for this
--chipsets (more of, need to HAVE a chipset with 4 or 8(if your game has 8-way-run) direction pads)
--picture show/delete
--move events
--common events
--key inputs

now Im not good at explaining, so I'll work around that to explain without explaining (try explaining how I'll do that, lol) the best I can.

--STEP 1-- making the place

Start with making a new map called something like "DDR room". Make it whatever size you want, but you want need it any bigger than the default size. For chipsets, pick whatever place has those direction arrow tiles, they come in the default dungeon set.
Before clicking Ok (optional) select the parrallex of your choice. Then, if your making the parrallex bg version, fill the entire map with parrallex tiles (the pink ones in the lower tile layer). Then somewhere in the middle of the screen, or wherever you want the direction pad to go, find a blank floor tile (grass, paved walkway, ect.) and put it in the middle of where the direct. pad will go. Then from there find the direction pads, and put them where they belong.. up arrow right above that middle tile, down below middle tile, ect.. And any further chipsets you wish to deal out, do so.

--STEP 2-- pictures events and variables

I put pictures in here since its a small step, just make 4 pictures on paint however you like, just make sure people can see them easily, but they dont cover the the character, if they do, you can always move the DDR mat you made at the end of step one down further, or make the pic smaller, whatever pleases you. Now, on the direction pad tiles, make events set on "hero touch", these will be needed after making the common event. For the common event, make a new one and call it something like "DDR arrows" or "arrow appear" since this will make the arrows appear and disapear in a random fashion. Set the common event to Parallel process, and trigger switch on like "DDR play" or "DDR start". Then just put this code in:

<>Timer 1 Operation: Start
<>Variable Oper: [XXXX:arrow show] Set, Rnd [1-4]
<>Branch if Var [XXXX:arrow show] is 1
<>Show Picture: 1. arrowdown, (173,30)
<>Wait:1.0 Sec
<>Erase Picture: 1
: Else Handler
: End
<>Branch if Var [XXXX:arrow show] is 2
<>Show Picture: 2. arrowleft, (173,30)
<>Wait:1.0 Sec
<>Erase Picture: 2
: Else Handler
: End
<>Branch if Var [XXXX:arrow show] is 3
<>Show Picture: 3. arrowright, (173,30)
<>Wait:1.0 Sec
<>Erase Picture: 3
: Else Handler
: End
<>Branch if Var [XXXX:arrow show] is 4
<>Show Picture: 4. arrowup, (173,30)
<>Wait:1.0 Sec
<>Erase Picture: 4
: Else Handler
: End

ok, now trying to explain what happens here (note: XXXX = your # used for the variable). what happens if first you start off saying "timer 1 start counting down" then for what goes on with the variables "There are four different directions to show randomly. If that variable = 1 then show arrow 1..wait 1 sec then erase that pic"

Now for coding those direction pad events. Create a branch/fork statement, set to "if variable [XXXX:arrow show] is 1" XXXX being whatever your variable is to show arrows, that would have been made in the common event, and 1 being variable to change as each pad in relationship with the pad, ex. pic 1 = varible 1 = arrow left.
Then in that fork, make another variable called "DDR score" and add (+) a number, like 4 or something, and if you want you can have the event move you back to the middle pad. For the else handler, or whatever it says in rm2k, have the variable "DDR score" - 1 or something, this removes points from your score for steping on the wrong pad". Do this with the appropreate changes to each pad. And double check now that these events are on hero touch, unless you want a harder level inwhich they need to push the button to activate it to have been pressed.

Now make an event off in the parrallex, with a precondition of the switch called "DDR play" or "DDR start". And start it as a parallel process. Put in the code a branch/fork for "if Timer 1 (or 2) is how ever long you want ppl to play b4 its over, a good 30 seconds should do fine, then set for "less or equal". the next steps are important but optional, by this I mean you need one of these endings, but which is up to you, and you can even make your own version to it if you wish.

for making a FF 7 wonder game area like version with tokens (Gp)
- make a message in the last event I was talking about, and have it say like "You have been awarded for playing, you recived some Gp". Then for code to calculate, say maybe:
<>Variable Oper: [XXXX:DDR score] / , 10
<>Change Items: GP V[XXXX] Add
<>Variable Oper: [XXXX:DDR score] Set, 0
<>teleport: (wherever you want to go back to)
XXX being whatever number variable you have for the score keeper

other ideas:
-make a high score variable
-make levels, beat one under a certain score, and advance
-use your imagination and come up with more, feel free to leave further ideas in reply comments for others too. and any problems with this, please notify me post haste @ since gw mail doesnt work, atleast not the last time I checked it didnt.